Verimatrix Extends Premium Video Delivery Options with Next-Generation ViewRight PC Player

Monday, March 10th, 2008
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Verimatrix Extends Premium Video Delivery Options with Next-Generation ViewRight PC Player Industry’s First Secure PC Player Now Offers Full DVR Capabilities

LONDON — IPTV World Forum — Verimatrix, setting the standard in content security technologies that enhance the value of pay-TV networks, today announced the availability of ViewRight™ PC Player 2.0 – a next generation IP client application that incorporates advanced Digital Video Recorder (DVR) functionality, mirroring the best time shifting features on TVs. Consumers are now able to perform popular trick play functions on live premium IP broadcast streams and record up to four simultaneous programs. As the industry’s only independently-audited secure client, ViewRight PC Player PC player enables pay-TV network operators to offer premium content packages across a range of home network devices, while also creating new revenue streams with tiered pricing.

“The networked PC has a huge role to play as a pay-TV device alongside the set-top box,” said Bob Larribeau, principal analyst at TelecomView. “However the PC can only become an integral part of pay-TV services if the content owners believe that their assets will be protected. Products such as the ViewRight PC Player from an established content security company like Verimatrix have the credibility to enable an exciting new range of PC-based pay-TV service models.”

The Verimatrix ViewRight PC Player turns any broadband-connected PC into a fully functional, interactive IP client that complements the use of set-top boxes (STBs) in today’s networked household. ViewRight PC Player can display Standard Definition and High Definition MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 content, which is protected by Verimatrix VCAS security and can be paused, rewound and recorded through an intuitive user interface. Recorded streams retain the full VCAS encryption, ensuring they remain protected and subject to operator playback entitlement.

For an additional layer of security for premium content, ViewRight PC Player also integrates the unique Verimatrix VideoMark™ user-specific watermarking technology. This patent-pending forensic watermarking extends the realm of anti-piracy measures by enabling the tracing of unauthorized copies of content back to the time and place they were created. The system has been audited by the independent third-party Telcordia labs that found zero security exposures across the entire end-to-end implementation.

The addition of the DVR features in a secure IP application opens new revenue opportunities for network operators by increasing ARPU and providing incremental value to their subscribers. Furthermore, operators are able to differentiate their services in the increasingly competitive pay-TV market by offering premium and diverse content via the PC. As a supplement to the STB, consumers’ PCs offer a cost-effective solution that does not require any additional hardware, deployment logistics or maintenance responsibilty.

“The competitve nature of the pay-TV business demands innovative products that match the new demands of consumer lifestyles,” said Bob Kulakowski, chief technical officer, Verimatrix. “We are seeing signficiant demand from not only IPTV operators, but cable operators that also see the PC as a premium delivery model. Our PC player approach adds device flexibility for operators while offering a unifed content security solution.”