ANT showcasing Intelligent UI at IPTV World Forum 2008

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

IPTV applications developer to showcase new UI Approach

ANT Software Limited (AIM:ANTP), the user experience interface specialist, will be demonstrating its new Intelligent User Interface (UI) design on stand 163 at this year’s IPTV World Forum.

At the core of this new UI is a function that builds a profile of the user behavior based on the viewing habits which can be logged by ANT Galio, ANT’s next generation platform for TV delivery. Every remote control key press is processed by ANT Galio meaning this information can be logged and used to help filter the mass of content available. ANT has also explored how broadcasters can launch bespoke creative advertising and sponsorship initiatives that are not possible through regular broadcast channels.

ANT’s fresh approach to UI design has been developed in response to the ever increasing volume of content available to users arriving from an increasing number of sources ranging from social networking sites, video on demand portals, traditional broadcasts through to personal content held on PC’s, portable media players and games consoles.

Simon Woodward, CEO ANT Software Limited, said, “ANT Galio allows us to collect behavioral information which, if used correctly can be extremely powerful. Strong IPTV market growth is being forecast by analysts with some predicting as many as 103 million subscribers by 2011. However, there are many organisations not yet ready to take advantage of the huge potential of the industry. Although many marketers baulk at the challenge faced by fragmented audiences, IPTV should be viewed as an opportunity for greater targeting. Those that can understand the potential of the IPTV market are well placed to shake up the media industry.”