Zenterio releases updated versions of JetUI and Zenterio OS

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016
Zenterio logo

Zenterio is releasing a new version of JetUI. It comes with a number of updates and new features, and the version has also been designed to work both together with Zenterio OS and as an independent UI able to run on any TV client device.


This upgrade means that JetUI is now available for Smart TVs, making it truly device agnostic and something that will harmonize the look and feel of your offering across any device. JetUI also features:

  • EPG grid.
  • Search capability.
  • Support for satellite linear TV channels.
  • A redesigned zapper with improved performance.
  • Reminders
  • New “My Library” view where all the content relevant for the user is gathered in one place and easy to find (reminders, bookmarks, VoDs).

The latest version of JetUI is based on an improved UI framework. The architecture has been streamlined and the integration with the browser has been optimized to provide easier customization through APIs, faster navigation and better overall performance. The JETUI design has been focused even more around video, to make sure that the end user can always be engaged by video content and easily find what is desired.

JetUI and the new HTML5 framework both support companion devices like smartphones and tablets, making them easier to use in combination with the main TV screen to discover, select and watch video content.

Together with JetUI, Zenterio is also releasing a new version of its independent operating system Zenterio OS. This new version, Zenterio OS 15.4, features the following updates:

  • Support for 4K and HEVC.
  • Improved OTT support thanks to the addition of MPEG DASH
  • HbbTV 1.5, going towards HbbTV 2.0, with full support for broadcast-based applications, allowing TV operators to take full advantage of HbbTV even in non-connected environments
  • Improved security features that have allowed Zenterio OS to pass, once again, major CA certifications at the highest level
  • New generation of scripted applications framework. TV operators need the flexibility to develop and deploy interactive apps at a much faster pace than set-top box software releases. Lua is a lightweight scripting engine, offering access to Zenterio OS API and enabling a quick deployment cycle (“design, develop and test once, deploy on many boxes”) even on boxes which cannot run a HTML browser.

With all these new and improved features, combined with the well-known stability and vast hardware support it provides, Zenterio OS enables the operator to quickly deploy interactive TV services and upgrade their offering using a phased approach. Zenterio OS can harmonize the complete range of set-top boxes from entry level to high-end, including already deployed legacy boxes.