Voxtok releases open-source royalty-free HbbTV SDK

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016
Voxtok logo

HbbTV finally has its open-source solution on voxtok.org

MONTPELLIER, France — Voxtok, the best Music Experience provider for Audio and TV industries and the first company to release a HbbTV multi-room music service for TV, is proud to launch voxtok.org, a private Community Portal dedicated to its open-source software and releases its first private project: HbbTV SDK.

Voxtok HbbTV SDK is the first up-to-date royalty-free HbbTV open-source implementation. It can be deployed without any restrictions, supporting HbbTV 1.5 and 2.0 specifications.

This first release is dedicated to Blink and comes as a library that enhances the Web Browser with HbbTV features. It will also be available for Android TV (details available for voxtok.org members).

A free PC demonstrator of our HbbTV SDK is available for download. Give it a try!

Voxtok is an official HbbTV consortium member and its team has acquired a strong experience in developing and massively deploying HbbTV systems, being the first team to demo it publicly in 2009.

Becoming a voxtok.org Community Member, at a reasonable yearly subscription, gives access to sources, tools, updates and evolutions of the HbbTV SDK and further upcoming projects. Voxtok teams will support you from its European (France) and Asian (Taiwan) locations.

Voxtok.org opens a new way of making software as well as sharing assets and resources.