SERAPHIC achieves YouTube TV 2016 pre-certification

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

SERAPHIC Passes Pre-certification of YouTube TV 2016

  • At the end of January, 2016, Google confirmed that SERAPHIC’s Sraf® HTML5 Browser passed YouTube 2016 pre-certification

With its audience-base growing each and every day, YouTube TV has become more and more an essential over-the-top service for chipset vendors, TV & set-top box manufacturers and even service providers. However, it becomes remarkably more challenging to pass YouTube 2016 than that for 2015, because YouTube sets stricter quantitative measurements of performance of various behaviors such as the initial loading speed, animation, browser-to-watch time, etc.

SERAPHIC comes out to overcome such raised bar and has passed the pre-integration of YouTube 2016 which includes all the conformance and performance tests. Its Sraf HTML5 Browser, based on Blink engine and amongst few strongest HTML5 Browsers in the TV field, matches all performance and memory usage requirement of the challenging YouTube 2016 pre-certification. It enables TV Apps to reduce the initial launch time to 13s, 2s quicker than YouTube 2016 requires; it also improves browser-to-watch time to 2.8s, with the full animation enabled.

How did SERAPHIC achieve such superb performance level? SERAPHIC has deep know-how on browser optimization for TV and set-top box especially from the perspectives of memory usage reduction and profound performance tuning. It works closely with chipset vendors and makes deep integration in order to maximize the chipset hardware potential.

SERAPHIC has YouTube 2016 ready-to-go solution and Sraf HTML5 Browser will enable chipset vendors and TV & set-top box manufacturers to pass through the certification at an early stage, which will accelerate time-to-market of their end-consumer products, providing a solid time-to-market advantage over the competition.