SERAPHIC Android HbbTV solution upgraded to Android R

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

SERAPHIC upgrades Android HbbTV solution compliant with latest Android R

The smart TV browser solutions provider SERAPHIC has announced an upgraded Android HbbTV solution compliant with the latest Android R.

According to Xinwen Xue, VP product management at SERAPHIC, as one of the official partners of Android TV the company continues to evolve its HbbTV Browser solution, focusing on adopting the most reasonable way to match the latest Android version so that Android TV can be easily upgraded to a new version in the future with minimum maintenance cost.

The Sraf Android HbbTV solution is based on the up-to-date Chromium/Blink engine, supports richer Web features and has higher security. It also fully meets the requirements of the latest HbbTV Conformance Test Suite Version 2020-2.

SERAPHIC is expanding TIF (TV Input Framework) to support TIF-based system docking and additional system features required by HbbTV. It is also fine-tuning application loading, resource usage and other performance aspects to provide better device performance and user experience.

TV devices embedded with SERAPHIC’s latest Android HbbTV solution are expected to be launched on the market in the first half of this year. More Android Smart TV products with SERAPHIC’s HbbTV solution will be available soon.