Home Gateway Initiative transfers smart home requirements to ETSI

Thursday, April 21st, 2016 
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Home Gateway Initiative transfers smart home related requirements to ETSI

  • ETSI signs Publicly Available Specifications agreement with HGI

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS — ETSI and HGI are pleased to jointly announce that they have signed a Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) agreement during ETSI’s 67th General Assembly, on 19 April.

In this agreement, HGI, also known as the Home Gateway Initiative, will transfer three of its already completed and published requirements specifications documents to ETSI, where they will be handled, adapted and maintained by ETSI’s SmartM2M Technical Committee in coherence with the technical work already performed within oneM2M.

HGI’s Chairman Luca Giacomello said: “We decided last year that HGI would complete its activities and make available all our results on HGI’s long term web site at www.homegatewayinitiative.org by June of 2016. We are very pleased that ETSI has agreed to publish, with the possibility to extend in future, several key HGI documents that are important to the smart home industry. ETSI has a very strong reputation and global reach, and this step ensures that our work will be readily available within oneM2M and other IoT fora in the industry.”

An ETSI Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) agreement enables other fora to bring their work to ETSI for publication through ETSI committees, thereby gaining access to ETSI’s expertise, quality control and global community of members and followers, in addition to attaining the status of a formal publication from a recognized European Standardization Organization.

The three requirements specifications documents transmitted from HGI to TC SmartM2M form a foundation for addressing a smart home solution. Based upon the Home Gateway as a modular applications platform, HGI participants developed a smart home architecture with an abstraction approach that enables applications to connect with devices on any home network interface. These documents form a cornerstone that will complement other HGI work already transferred to oneM2M, and work by ETSI and other industry groups to define smart home solutions.

  • HGI-RD048, “Requirements for HGI Open Platform 2.1”.
  • HGI-RD036, “Smart Home Architecture and System Requirements”
  • HGI-RD039, “Requirements for Wireless Home Area Networks”

Enrico Scarrone, chairman of ETSI SmartM2M Technical Committee, says: “HGI consulted closely with ETSI SmartM2M during the development of these key documents. This work complements our own work on smart appliances very well, and we’re happy to integrate these HGI requirements into our family of specifications.”