Allegro DVT introduces DVB-TTML subtitling test suite

Thursday, September 7th, 2023 
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Labwise by Allegro DVT Introduces the First DVB-TTML Subtitling Test Suite

GRENOBLE, France — Labwise by Allegro DVT, the leader in Digital TV Testing & Video Decoder Compliance announces the availability of the industry’s first DVB-TTML Test Suite which enables testing of the mandatory DVB-TTML Subtitling Systems Specification specified in ETSI EN 303 560 V1.1.1.

DVB TTML was developed by the Digital Video Broadcasting Project, an industry Consortium that sets standards for digital television broadcasting. It was created to replace the traditional bitmap-based subtitles and to provide a standardized format for timed text delivery within digital broadcasting systems taking advantage of advanced processing and text rendering features.

TTML has gained significant traction within broadcasters and content providers worldwide to provide standardized captioning and subtitling practices. It has been widely adopted by the DVB DASH, HbbTV, SMPTE and ATSC specifications. It has become the preferred format for timed text delivery in digital broadcasting systems, enabling seamless integration and consistent user experiences.

The availability of the DVB-TTML Test Suite represents a major added value for TV OEMs, receiver manufacturers and service providers for which testing the compatibility with DVB TTML is critical to achieve market acceptance, ensure interoperability and compliance, maintain quality standards, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction with their products and services.

“We see the release of our DVB-TTML Test Suite as a major step to foster the deployment of this new subtitling format. It underlines our commitment to providing comprehensive test suites and testing services to help the broadcast industry enhance the end user experience. ” – Nouar Hamze, CEO of Allegro DVT.

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