CNN launch partner for comScore combined TV and digital audience metrics

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016
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CNN Leverages comScore Xmedia To Capture Unified View Of Cross-Media Audience

  • CNN aligns with comScore as a launch partner of the first-ever syndicated product to combine TV and digital audience metrics

CNN, a division of Turner, and comScore today announced that CNN is one of the first media companies to leverage Xmedia to measure a total unduplicated view of audience across its television, desktop and mobile properties in a single metric. A launch partner of comScore’s Xmedia product, CNN is now able to more effectively partner with advertisers to develop cross-media packages that measure against the full scope of the network’s reach and engagement.

CNN Total Cross-Media Audience Reach

“As the global multiplatform leader in news, it’s a priority to continuously innovate our measurement capabilities to keep pace with our consumer and meet the business objectives of our advertising partners across all platforms and screens,” said Robin Garfield, senior vice president of research and scheduling, CNN. “The Xmedia product is a vital tool to analyze our total unduplicated, overlapping and incremental audiences across platforms, as well as fulfill the demand in the marketplace to plan, execute and optimize targeted campaigns against our entire cross-media audience.”

“TV and digital media are natural complements, but without unduplicated audience metrics it is virtually impossible to plan, buy and sell media efficiently in a cross-media environment,” said Gian Fulgoni, co-founder and chairman emeritus, comScore. “This study of CNN’s cross-media audience is a great example of how a media brand with a strong footprint on TV, desktop and mobile can demonstrate its full value proposition to advertisers, while at the same time getting a better understanding of how its own viewers engage across different media touchpoints.”

New key findings demonstrated by Xmedia:

  • Unified view of CNN’s leading cross-media reach: CNN’s presence on TV, desktop and mobile reaches an unduplicated audience of 174 million – more than half of the U.S. population.
  • CNN platforms are additive, extending reach and consumption: CNN’s strong digital presence extends its TV reach by nearly 50%.
  • Insight into key demo behavior across CNN platforms: CNN reaches 40% of Millennials from its digital platforms alone, and soars above 60% when combined with TV.
  • For CNN, more screens equal more engagement: Cross-media CNN users demonstrate high engagement. Those engaging on both TV and digital spend more time on each platform and 2x as much time with CNN overall on average.
  • Live events on CNN TV drive gains in cross-media audience: Each CNN presidential primary debate increased the network’s total weekly cross-media reach by at least 40%.