Chips&Media-powered video SoC shipments reach 140 million units

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016
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Chips&Media’s Video IP powered SoCs reached 140 Million shipments in 2015

Chips&Media Inc., the world’s leading company in video IP technology announced that SoCs embedded with their video core had been shipped over 140 million units in 2015.

Chips&Media Inc. dominated the market rapidly since start of their business 10 years ago by introducing best performance video IPs and advanced technology every year and became a competitive video IP provider.

Release of the world’s first multi standard codec IP in 2005, Full-HD multi standard decoder and codec IP in 2006, and the latest 4K (UHD) HEVC/H.265 decoder IP in 2013 were the outcome of steadily continued technological experience and efforts to lead the market as an IP provider for the past 10 years.

Above all things, a wide range of Video IP licensees make such rapid growth possible. IP business initially focused on mobile/portable SoCs, and since then has expanded in a variety of consumer products such as DTV/STB, camera, etc. Until now Chips&Media’s video IP core has been adopted by a broad spectrum of clients more than 70 for almost every video capable SoC products including surveillance, automotive, and IoT/wearable.

Also, customers’ annual shipments have continued to increase 50 percent every year. In particular, in 2015, many more customers started shipment of SoCs with Chips&Media’s UHD HEVC/H.265 and HD multi standard IP. With the widespread market adoption and steady growth, Chips&Media expects their market share in video core to be expanded.

Chips&Media is planning to keep the new product launch for the range of future IP products supporting HEVC/H.265, VP9, ​​AVS2, SHVC, and SCC and other IPs such as frame buffer compression that can create more synergy with video IP.