SecureMedia Advances IPTV Content Security by Incorporating Cinea's Running Marks™ Digital Watermarking Technology

Monday, March 17th, 2008
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The award-winning Encryptonite ONE™ System’s IdentiFind™, the world’s first open Digital Watermarking Platform, now supports industry-leading forensic solution

NATICK, MA USA — SecureMedia, the technology leader in content protection software for secure video and multimedia delivery over IP networks, announced the addition and integration of Cinea’s Running Marks™ watermarking solution into SecureMedia’s popular Encryptonite ONE™ System, through its exclusive IdentiFind™ open digital forensics platform. Running Marks is a product of Cinea, Inc., subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories (NYSE: DLB). Supporting both system-based and session-based watermarking, content owners and system operators are able to track content origin and distribution information right down to the specific transaction or device using Cinea’s patented technology.

Forensic watermarking, the embedding of invisible marks in a video stream, is a proven anti-piracy tool in the professional entertainment marketplace. Cinea’s Running Marks technology was designed specifically to place forensic data in copyrighted material from the source, through the distribution network and across a broad range of consumer playback devices; from PCs to set-top boxes to portable media player. Now, combined with Encryptonite ONE System and its EverLock™ process of non-stop digital protection, it offers today’s most secure and traceable “end-to end” media distribution network.

SecureMedia’s experience and technological advancements in content protection has long been recognized by Hollywood studios and network broadcasters and leading telecom operators worldwide,” noted Robert Schumann, General Manager, Cinea. “We are excited that SecureMedia has integrated Running Marks into its Encryptonite ONE System to further advance and enhance its digital content security efforts for its customers.”

Digital Watermarking techniques are the results of many years of technical development of intellectual properties and are covered by a multitude of exclusive, protected patents. To address the support for digital watermarking while respecting those protected works, SecureMedia has extended the Encryptonite ONE System with an open platform called IdentiFind to allow the use of various patented watermarking systems to provide digital forensics. Innovative patented watermarking solutions, like Cinea Running Marks, are easily and invisibly integrated, allowing users to view a rich, unobtrusive media experience while ensuring a defense against digital piracy.

“Consumers are now demanding a rich, yet unobtrusively secure entertainment experience in their homes or on the go that is easily accessible and truly affordable,” said Fred Ellis, COO of SecureMedia. “This is attainable by the addition of superior forensic technologies such as Cinea’s Running Marks, which is why we are very excited to offer our customer’s access to this premier digital watermarking solution.”