RCN launches Hulu as a channel

Thursday, May 19th, 2016
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Leading Provider of High-speed Internet, Digital TV and Phone Service Integrates Premium Streaming TV Destination through its DVR Powered by TiVo

PRINCETON, New Jersey — RCN, an industry-leading providers of high-speed Internet, digital TV and phone service, announced today a partnership with Hulu to enable its customers to watch Hulu programming as a channel through the same set-top box used to watch Live TV. This is the latest update in the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and customer convenience.

Previously, RCN was the first cable provider to integrate Netflix into the channel lineup. Since then, more than half of customers have enabled streaming services like Netflix, YouTube & HBO GO on TiVo set-top boxes. This trend falls directly in line with recent industry research. Specifically, Horowitz Research found that 57% of TV content viewers subscribe to streaming video services as recorded by their National State of Cable & Digital Media 2016 study.

“In the last year alone, we’ve seen a 23 percent increase in activation of streaming services such as Netflix, HBO GO and YouTube through our TiVo set-top boxes and that number continues to rise,” said Chris Fenger, Chief Operating Officer for RCN. “On average customers consume 15 – 17 hours of content on just one of these services. These rising numbers consistently remind us that integrating popular streaming services into our suite of products allows instant access, convenience through one device, and a superior customer experience. We will continue to innovate in this arena to deliver what our customers want most.”

The Hulu app is fully integrated, allowing RCN Digital TV customers with TiVo and a Hulu subscription to conveniently access Hulu’s programming by simply clicking on the designated Hulu channel to launch the app. This integration eliminates the complexity of multiple boxes, remote controls and input ports and cables, while delivering a seamless and convenient viewing experience.


Customers must subscribe separately to RCN Digital TV service powered by TiVo and have a subscription to Hulu. There are no additional RCN charges to access Hulu beyond the monthly subscription fee.


The Hulu subscription service is available as early as May 18, 2016 to RCN customers with Digital TV service powered by TiVo. Hulu can be found on channel 449 (749 in the Lehigh Valley, PA).