NOS launches UMA personalised TV in Portugal

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016
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NOS Launches A New Generation Of Television

NOS is launching UMA, the most advanced and intelligent television in Europe and the first personal television on the market. This next generation of television will transform customers’ experience of television and contents.

Including the best offer of services, the UMA interface gives an in depth experience of simple and intuitive personalisation and provides a range of differentiating functionalities such as voice remote control or the NOS TV application.

With the launch of UMA, NOS once again innovates in Pay TV in Portugal, putting on the market the most complete, digital and technologically advanced television experience, thus re-affirming its leadership position in the segment. UMA is the result of continuous investment in innovation at NOS, carried out by internal teams working with worldwide benchmark partners.


According to Miguel Almeida, CEO of NOS, “UMA is a manifestation of the technological innovation of NOS and opens up the path for a new experience of navigation and contents consumption. We were bold and ambitious, and today we are sure of having developed a new generation of television that once again puts us well ahead of our competitors. This is a new generation of television that we believe will enable us to strengthen NOS’ leadership and keep us on the path of growth that the company has managed to achieve over the last 2 years.”

This new offer corresponds to NOS’ challenge of innovation and is the result of a year of in depth work analysing trends, studying new technologies and listening to customers. “When there is scope for contributing more to the life of our customers, there is also scope for innovation”, stresses Miguel Almeida. UMA thus includes the functionalities most sought after by customers, but also a simpler and more intuitive navigation and an increasingly more customized contents offer.

UMA is the television that listens to the customer. Via its voice remote control, the user can select a channel or a programme that he or she wants without having to remember the channel number or the thousands of programmes available.

UMA is the television that knows the customer like no one else. The interface allows profiles to be created by the user, ensuring a swift and intuitive personalisation of the contents that are most relevant for each user.

UMA is the television that goes with the customer everywhere – at home and away from home. This new experience, designed for each and every user, goes beyond television, as it is integrated into the best package of convergent services and can be used transparently on all devices (smartphone, tablet and PC) with the NOS TV application.

UMA is the television that gives the customers every viewing detail in Ultra HD 4K.

The new generation of television could only be UMA

UMA is the best personal television experience on the market and comes with functionalities and services that are pioneering in Portugal, together with internet speeds of up to 200 MB, unlimited fixed voice and plenty of mobile data.

Personalisation | “The Television that knows you best can only be UMA”

In depth navigation and contents speed and the focus on personalisation, according to the user’s profile, were two of the cornerstones on which the development of UMA was based.

The experience of contents navigation, with a special emphasis on films and series, has been improved with, for example, details of the cast and biographies of the actors involved. In addition, it is possible to specify which are the user’s favourite actors, directors and series, in order to follow up on all related television and on demand contents (using the “Follow” functionality).

Each user can create their own profile and control their experience transversally in a way that is easy and intuitive. This innovation enables contents lists to be created to “See later”, contents that the user is “Following” to be accessed easily, “Continue to see” contents to be available that he has not yet finished seeing, and also the best recommendations to be received, according to his preferences and consumption profile, among other features.

It is also possible to find out what the most viewed contents are by UMA users (“Most Viewed”) and the contents that are on air on the channels that are most viewed by the user himself (“Now on TV”).

Voice remote control | “Television that listens to you can only be UMA”

The voice remote control, a first in Portugal, reflects NOS’ focus on bringing the user and television closer to each other. Using a single button to activate the functionality, the user can search contents, change channel, start up applications or change his profile. This functionality adds value because the user does not have to know the number of his favourite channels, while also facilitating the search among the more than 30 thousand programmes and thousands of contents in the Video On Demand store.

4K Contents | “The Television that gives you all the details can only be UMA”

The UMA offer includes a box equipped from the start with 4K technology, providing a total Ultra HD experience. Given that image quality is an obvious must for anyone who watches television, UMA offers a box that allows the user to watch the two 4K channels on the NOS channel list and the RTP4K channel, on which will be broadcast eight Euro 2016 games live.

NOS TV – the new TV Online application | “The Television that goes with you everywhere can only be UMA”

The new television experience was also designed from scratch for multiple devices – the NOS TV app – in order to create a common and smooth user experience, whether access is made via the box, from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

As far as contents are concerned, NOS has more than 90 channels, featuring Restart TV and Automatic Recording, strengthening its multi-device offer.

Personalisation is also a distinctive feature of the new application since the user can synchronise NOS TV with his television profile, optimising the recommendations experience and use of contents via an automatic and intelligent interaction between television and tablet.

NOS Ultra HD 4K box

In addition, the user can decide at any time where he wants to view and if he wants to continue to view, using the new functionalities “Send to TV” and “Continue to View”, available on NOS TV. These options thus allow the content that the user is watching on his PC, tablet or smartphone to be “sent” to the TV, or he can continue to see the content that he is viewing on the television on one of these three devices without losing the context. The online and television experiences are truly interlinked.


The NOS Ultra HD 4K box is also noteworthy for having a number of other features and functionalities, such as the fact that it does not have any internal storage unit, since all the recordings, definitions and information are held on the Cloud, and it thus functions noiselessly. It has a design that is both elegant and small scale, and includes a “sleep” mode to save energy.

The radio frequency pairing with the remote control means a more immediate response and interaction with the box even when it is out of the line of sight. The innovative voice recognition remote control has an ergonomic, simplified design and with more short cut keys.

Today, NOS continues to write the history of innovation in television in Portugal with the launch of UMA.