Channel Master Digital To Analog Converter Box Now NTIA Coupon Eligible

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

SMITHFIELD, N.C. — Channel Master by PCT, a U.S. manufacturer of consumer off-air reception products, announced today approval by the U.S. Government’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of its new CM-7000 digital to analog converter box as a coupon eligible converter box (CECB).

Released earlier this year, the CM-7000 digital to analog converter box is now a qualified converter box in the Coupon-Eligible Converter Box program supporting the U.S. digital broadcast conversion. Industry estimates indicate that over 60 million converter boxes will be necessary to comply with the FCC’s mandated analog to digital conversion. To date, 7.7 million* coupon applications have been submitted to the NTIA for the February 2009 cut off date.

“We are pleased to earn NTIA eligibility with our quality CM-7000 digital to analog converter box that allows U.S. households easy transition to all digital off-air broadcasts. And, as an NTIA approved coupon eligible converter box, the CM-7000 allows that transition to occur with minimal costs to each household,” announces Larry Hiney, Managing Director, Channel Master by PCT. “When combined with a quality, trusted Channel Master off-air antenna, the CM-7000 converter box brings the digital experience into homes and businesses without any subscription fees.”

The Channel Master by PCT new CM-7000 digital to analog converter box allows consumers to view high definition (HD) and digital television (DTV) broadcasts on their analog televisions. Demand by consumers for digital to analog converter boxes is expected to be strong as consumers who rely on indoor or outdoor TV antennas will not be forced to buy new costly high definition televisions (HDTVs).

CM-7000 is easy to set up and offers user friendly features such as onscreen program guide, closed captioning, parental control, full function remote control, and a standby mode for energy savings. The CM-7000 remote control uses standard remote codes that allow it to be operated by a universal remote. When combined with a quality digital compatible antenna, over-the-air digital programming provides a better viewing experience than standard over-the-air analog programming with a CM-7000.

Although the FCC has scheduled the conversion date for February 2009, consumers can act now to begin using this new device and receive digital quality broadcasts and more programming content via multicasting with their analog TVs. Digital programming is currently being broadcast over 1628 stations in 211 markets** across the USA and new channels are continuously being added.

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