Channel Master MoCA and Powerline Adapters Now Offered by National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC)

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
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MESA, Ariz. — The National Cable Television Cooperative, Inc. (NCTC) has agreed to offer to their member companies PCT International’s Channel Master line of Home Networking accessories including MoCA adapters, HomePlugAV adapters and IPTV set-top boxes.

One of PCT’s product development focuses is the IPTV and Home Networking sector, which has recently gained a great deal of attention and momentum. PCT’s retail brand, Channel Master, has already been offering several IPTV and home networking products via the retail space. Due to the rapid awareness and expansion of the IPTV and Home Networking sector, PCT and Channel Master are now directing additional focus to satisfy the operators’ needs.

During CES, Channel Master introduced a new product family named Internet-to-tv™ adapters. The Internet-to-tv line was established to simplify the connection of Internet connected TVs and other devices to the Internet and home networks with a full product solution. “Channel Master will be the one-stop-shop for the most reliable solutions used to stream content in the home over all mediums including coax, powerline and wireless,” said Joe Bingochea, VP of Product Management and Marketing for Channel Master. “Our Internet-to-tv product line is proving to be very successful in the home and we are now extending that line to professional service providers and operators. They clearly see the benefit of utilizing our Internet-to-tv devices without having to run new cable and still provide solid, reliable home networking for their customers.”

Channel Master’s Internet-to-tv line includes coaxial solutions using MoCA technology and powerline solutions that are compliant with HomePlugAV standards. Both solutions are versatile, offered in smart choices and currently available at very competitive prices.

Channel Master’s MoCA solution includes a kit with two Ethernet coax bridges (CM-6000) and a 4-port Switch (CM-6004). Using any combination of these versatile products allows users to send Ethernet over existing home coaxial cable, creating an extended distribution network in the home. Up to 16 Channel Master Internet-to-tv coax adapters can be used in one location, making for added flexibility.

When coax is not an option, Channel Master’s powerline solution includes two kits that extend a network over existing home powerlines. One kit (CM-6100) includes two HomePlugAV adapters to connect an Internet ready device (such as a TV, DVR, or gaming device) to a home’s router. The second kit (CM-6104) includes one powerline adapter and one 4-port switch to connect up to four devices to a home’s network. Flexibility is also a key feature, allowing up to 16 Channel Master powerline adapters to be used in one location.

NCTC is also offering members Channel Master’s new CM-7100 IPTV set-top box. CM-7100 is a superior, compact HDTV IP set-top box that is ideal for service provider IPTV subscribers. The CM-7100 enables IPTV subscribers to view advanced IP SD & HDTV content on their television or display. The latest advanced IPTV capabilities and features are supported, including electronic program guides (EPGs), multicast TV, VOD and digital video scaling. With the support of VOD, Linear, and OTT content, consumers can enjoy rich home entertainment experiences with crystal-clear HD pictures and surround sound. The CM-7100 allows operators to expand their subscriber base and increase customer satisfaction while reducing their average per subscriber equipment cost. The CM-7100 supports Minerva Networks middleware including xTVFusion and is compatible with Harmonic Inc. VOD and Verimatrix conditional access off the shelf, but can be customized to support other configurations.