Channel Master selects TiVo DVR and discovery technology for OTA customers

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020
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Channel Master Selects TiVo’s Next-Generation DVR and Discovery Technology for Over-the-Air Customers

  • Channel Master becomes an Exclusive Strategic Partner for TiVo’s OTA Products
  • TiVo Customers Gain Unparalleled Support for TV Antenna Reception
  • Channel Master Customers Gain access to TiVo’s Market-Leading Technology
  • Channel Master will Launch the New 500 GB TiVo EDGE™ for Antenna this Summer

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Channel Master, America’s leading manufacturer of over-the-air TV solutions, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive, strategic agreement to offer TiVo’s market-leading DVR technology for OTA antenna users. Both companies have been cornerstones in the evolving world of home television entertainment.

Established in 1949, Channel Master serves antenna households through its engineering and manufacturing operations, online store, OTA support center, and a national network of dealers and installers. In 2009 the digital transition caused an explosion in TV antenna sales and the cord cutting movement officially began, thrusting Channel Master into the exciting world of transitional business models in American television entertainment.

“Channel Master brings over 70 years of over-the-air reception knowledge and expertise to the table,” said Matt Milne, chief revenue officer at TiVo. “We’re excited to partner with Channel Master to provide TiVo customers with the focused support and guidance that is critical for delivering free, live broadcast TV on our Next-Generation platform.”

“Consumers love TiVo products and we’re excited to offer additional DVR options to our customers,” said Mike Lynch, chief strategy officer at Channel Master. “One of the first things cord cutters discover is that they really need a DVR for the TV antenna in order to have the traditional viewing experience that they had with Cable, and TiVo DVRs provide a premium solution for that need. In addition to recording live TV, these TiVo EDGE products integrate major streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu into one easy to use interface.”

First up for the partnership, Channel Master will launch the new 500GB TiVo EDGE DVR later this summer. As its most advanced device ever for home entertainment viewing, the 500GB TiVo EDGE for antenna will have all of the same functions and features of its 2TB predecessor including voice control, recommendations across both live and streaming content, 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD), Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision HDR.