GatesAir completes second phase of DVB-T2 network in Kuwait

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016
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GatesAir Completes Phase Two Rollout of DVB-T2 Digital TV Network in Kuwait

  • Turnkey services, high-efficiency transmitters and system compliance among key reasons for GatesAir’s selection

CINCINNATI, OH — GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, has completed the second phase of a three-phase national DVB-T2 digital TV network rollout across the Middle East nation of Kuwait. Now covering approximately 80 percent of the country, the transition from analog to DVB-T2 digital TV as powered by GatesAir transmitters will provide richer, higher quality programming and media services to the people of Kuwait.

State broadcaster, Kuwait Television, selected GatesAir for both phases due to its unrivaled ability to provide turnkey equipment and services, including the design, supply and commissioning for four transmitter sites that also included a complete signal processing headend, antennas and towers. Key services included comprehensive systems training—both in Kuwait and at GatesAir’s Quincy, Illinois manufacturing center—as well as field measurements, coverage studies and planning for both single-frequency (SFN) and multi-frequency (MFN) networks, the latter of which comprised the Phase II deployment. Local GatesAir partner EEMC (Enhanced Engineering and Multi-Technologies Co.) spearheaded the installation and project management aspects, including integration of the headend, microwave and antenna systems.

GatesAir Maxiva™ ULXT liquid-cooled UHF transmitters were selected for both phases. The hot and dry climate of Kuwait, which can reach temperatures of 124-degrees Fahrenheit (51-degrees Celsius) in the summer months, makes transmitter operation and maintenance a significant challenge. The liquid-cooled architecture, powered by GatesAir’s PowerSmart® 3D high-efficiency transmitter design, offered the most reliable and cost-efficient solution for Kuwait Television. The liquid-cooling process is bolstered by two fully redundant cooling pumps with auto-changeover capability to help ensure consistent transmitter cooling, while outdoor heat exchangers both return real estate and efficiently remove heat from the RF plants.

In addition to its highly efficient cooling design, the ULXT with PowerSmart 3D design enhances serviceability through commonality in spare parts and a modular, hot-swappable design for module and power supply replacement—all adding up to very low total cost of ownership for Kuwait Television.

“GatesAir was the only supplier that could at once meet our compliance specifications, environmental challenges and turnkey system requirements,” said Mr. Meshal Al-Meqled, assistant undersecretary for engineering affairs in Kuwait. “On the compliance side, GatesAir was able to deliver a high-density, modular headend that could support multiple channels per chassis—far outpacing their competition. Additionally, their ability to support flexible and redundant network configurations with high-efficiency, liquid-cooled transmitters met our demanding requirements across all long-term operational needs.”

The initial deployments support 12 DVB-T2 digital TV channels at both sites, covering the most populous regions of Kuwait including urban areas and many outlying desert regions. Official channels include KTV1 (news, current affairs), KTV2 (English-language family programming) and KTV3 (sports).

“GatesAir’s experience in the global DTV transition extends far beyond transmitter supply, and helps ensure our customers receive a full complement of services across equipment, installation and training,” said Darren Frearson, vice president of sales, EMEA and APAC for GatesAir. “We thank Kuwait Television in entrusting GatesAir to work with their team throughout the end-to-end process, as we work together to bring the people of Kuwait a more dynamic and high-quality television service nationwide.”