WiMAX Forum® Forecasts 133 Million WiMAX Users by 2012

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Issues Global WiMAX Subscriber & User Forecast and Drives WiMAX Ecosystem Activities at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — The WiMAX Forum today announced it projects more than 133 million WiMAX users globally by 2012. The forecast is based on the results of an independently commissioned research study to be published in April 2008. Additional data from the study estimates that approximately 70 percent of the forecasted WiMAX users by 2012 will utilize mobile and portable WiMAX devices to access broadband Internet services.

The report entitled, WiMAX Forum Worldwide Subscriber and User Forecasts, examines the progress of WiMAX service providers, equipment vendors, content developers and users in regions around the world. The preliminary results released today at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas reflect the accelerated growth of the WiMAX ecosystem, the acceptance of WiMAX technology and demand for mobile Internet services across the world.

“WiMAX is here now and is the catalyst in the global marketplace to grow demand for mobile broadband Internet access,” said Ron Resnick, president of the WiMAX Forum. “This new subscriber and user forecast is a solid proof point of the future growth of the thriving mobile Internet ecosystem and presents reasonable predictions of the positive progress our industry is working to achieve.”

According to the study, a key driver of WiMAX subscriber and user growth will be the ambitious adoption of WiMAX technology in specific regions, including Asia Pacific and the Americas, where WiMAX technology is anticipated to be the leading technology selected to deliver broadband Internet access to a greater geography of these regional populations.

Further signifying the rapid growth of the WiMAX ecosystem, the first Mobile WiMAX Certified products are expected to achieve certification in Q2 2008. This milestone will foster additional growth for the more than 260 service providers deploying WiMAX services in 110 countries worldwide. The WiMAX Forum estimates that by 2011 there will be more than 1,000 Mobile WiMAX Forum Certified products found throughout the world.

WiMAX Forum 700 MHz Positioning Statement

The WiMAX Forum also announced today the availability of a new 700 MHz white paper to clarify the organization’s position on pursuing WiMAX deployment opportunities in this spectrum band. The white paper offers the industry association’s official position on 700 MHz and specifically expresses the clarity of the US spectrum plan, trends and projections on 700 MHz as well as covers spectrum allocations internationally.

The WiMAX Forum views 700 MHz as a strong contender for mobile Internet services. WiMAX technology in the 700 MHz frequency has the capability to meet specific requirements of new subscriber and user segments, such as low cost deployment advantages in low-density rural areas.

WiMAX Ecosystem on Display at CTIA Wireless

WiMAX products and services are on display at CTIA Wireless where more than 90 WiMAX Forum member companies are present to demonstrate the broad and growing network and delivery of best in class devices across the globe.