PeerLogix announces OTT Monetization Platform

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
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PeerLogix Announces Launch of OTT Monetization Platform to Serve the Multi-Billion Dollar Market of Cord-Cutting and Cord-Shaving

NEW YORK, NY — PeerLogix, Inc. (OTC PINK: LOGX), an advertising technology and data aggregation provider, today announced the release of its OTT Monetization Platform (the “Platform”), a full suite of solutions for empowering Over-the-Top publishers of original and curated content. OTT is intended for households looking to “cut the cord,” which is defined as a cable subscriber dumping their cable television subscription. According to Forbes, “The number of people that have either cut the cords and dumped their cable television subscriptions or never ordered in the first place is steadily rising, now exceeding one in five U.S. households.”

More than 1.1 million households “cut the cord” in 2015, with about the same number expected to get off the cable bandwagon this year, according to market research firm Convergence Consulting in its annual “Couch Potato” report.

The cord-cutting trend has accelerated in recent years along with the growing number of consumers who have never subscribed to cable television (a total of 24.6 million households, or 20.4% of all U.S. households were cable-free at the end of 2015). That figure is projected to rise to 26.7 million households, or 21.9% of all U.S. households, by the end of 2016, per Convergence Consulting (2016 actual versus projected data is not available yet).

Fears of cable cord-cutting, along with measurable decreases in television ratings over the past couple of years, have roiled the traditional video industry. Shareholders of companies such as Viacom, Time Warner, CBS and Disney have expressed concern over this “cord cutting” trend. We at PeerLogix have been approached by many of the top traditional and non-traditional publishers about our OTT solutions and as such our sales pipeline is robust and growing as more and more publishers recognize viewers want optionality when viewing content.

According to Forrester, Over-the-Top broadcast represents the fastest growing method of media distribution via web, mobile and connected TV, growing at a 100% CAGR as a share of annual pay TV revenue, and accounting for the majority of media programming consumed by millennials today.

William Gorfein, CEO of PeerLogix stated, “Over-the-Top publishers and networks are looking for subscriber growth, clear CPM wins and differentiation to better compete for audience against the core four (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Facebook). Our platform empowers clients to grow audience scale while being able to remain focused on what they do best — creating engaging video and music content for people’s enjoyment.”

Through partnerships with some of the leading digital marketing and consumer data agencies, clients of PeerLogix have unprecedented access to the largest Over-the-Top media footprint in the industry, consisting of over 140M homes. In addition, our solutions are addressable on a global basis in all major and mid-major media markets. The PeerLogix OTT Monetization Platform addresses two of the core challenges facing OTT publishers and networks today: 1) fueling additional subscriber and viewership growth; and 2) increasing revenue from existing subscribers and viewers on a per unit basis.

Additionally, PeerLogix invites select clients to join the Company’s reseller marketplace. These clients are able to establish additional revenue streams by reselling their first party audience data via the PeerLogix OTT Marketplace.

“We partner with some of the largest DMPs and reseller platforms in the industry. Clients participating in the data co-op can receive higher resell rates for their audience data than they would independently due to branded association with PeerLogix, a recognized industry leader in OTT for resellers,” stated William Gorfein, CEO of PeerLogix.

Our Platform provides OTT publishers and networks the power to create audience segments that match specific advertiser criteria (e.g., specific sporting interests, luxury retail, media genre, etc.). This enables media planners to buy qualified audiences directly off the publishers’ network of sites, either through the client’s ad server or an existing DSP or SSP relationship.