Billion Plus Computing launches Watch Anything, Anytime! OTT box

Monday, January 30th, 2017
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Billion Plus Computing Launches ReTV X1 — Redefining Home TVs, Making Them Personal

MUMBAI — Watching what one loves on the TV just got easier with the ReTV X1 streaming device. This Internet set top box, launched by Billion Plus Computing, a tech startup based out of Mumbai, is aimed at enabling everyone, including Indian homemakers, parents and kids, to watch movies, shows and online videos of their choice on the TV.

ReTV personalizes the TV experience by providing with the content that one likes. Whether it is movies, Indian and international shows, latest web series, or online videos, it’s all provided in one friendly interface requiring only 2 clicks on the remote to watch anything!

“We started out with trying to find a solution to get my mother to watch content according to her interests – shows, recipes and fashion videos; found only online, all by herself. After several prototypes and beta testing phases, we finally have a product that is truly user-friendly, what we like to call Grandma Proof,” says Ashish Dinkar, Founder, Billion Plus Computing Pvt. Ltd.

The makers of ReTV X1 shared an exclusive sneak peek of their latest innovation to a host of esteemed tech reviewers this last week across the country. The preview garnered some great reviews and created a lot of excitement for the new product. Amidst the feedback, the usability and simplicity of using ReTV X1 was a constant mention. Existing and prospective viewers of content simply have to plug and play the device on their TVs and start watching personalized content.


The product: ReTV X1


ReTV has been designed to be simple to use so that anyone knowing how to change TV channels will be able to use it. ReTV comes with its own remote, and also has a smartphone remote app.


Viewers can start by selecting what movie or show they want to watch from ‘Featured’ or ‘Staff Picks’ sections and let ReTV take care of the rest. ReTV will find the selected movie or show across all content platforms such as HotStar, ErosNow, NetFlix, Prime Video, etc. One just needs to select an option and start watching! No need of opening individual apps, ReTV plays videos from over 200 video sites within one unified interface.

The ReTV content team scouts for latest content across the Internet, and puts them on ReTV as soon as they are out.

The viewers can even search using an on-screen keyboard to find Movies and TV shows by title, actor and director.

Web Channels

When asked about searching YouTube for content, Ashish Dinkar says, “Typing and searching on YouTube was a hassle for our parents, so we decided to take away that pain and feed them interesting online content in a simpler way. In this way ReTV web channels were born. Simply put, our content team finds latest and popular content across categories and puts them as individual channels. So if someone wanted to watch videos on Breakfast recipes, they can just turn on the ‘Breakfast Ideas’ channel, and start watching. For these channels, we aggregate content from multiple online sources and pick out only the top and high-quality videos.”

ReTV features 150+ channels of High-quality curated Internet content in over 20 categories such as music, kids, news, religion, recipes, beauty, fashion, and so on. These web channels are updated weekly and work like normal TV channels. One just has to select the channel and watch!

Dial A Channel

ReTV takes personalization one step ahead and introduces, for the first time anywhere in the world, a Dial A Channel service. One can contact the ReTV team by phone, text or online and tell them what they want to watch, and the team will craft a channel especially for what the viewers asked for! Be it vintage rock concerts, Sanjay Khanna recipes, exotic travel destinations or tips for diabetes, anything and everything!

Kids Friendly

“Some of our beta users with kids asked us if we could add content for kids, the result of that was our kids mode,” says Ashish.

ReTV Kids mode boasts of over 20+ web channels specially made for kids of all ages, plus tons of kid-friendly movies and shows, shown in a child-friendly interface. ReTV also has inbuilt parental controls that keep out all adult content.

Search Online and Torrent Streaming

One of the unique features about ReTV is its online searching capability. ReTV allows to search for movies and shows on various third party sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. for videos and torrents with one click. Viewers can even stream torrents/magnet links directly, without having to wait for it to download. One can FastForward slow torrents, which downloads them to the ReTV Cloud storage so that the viewers can get streaming within seconds.

Live TV

Cord cutters can rejoice, save on cable bills. Viewers can watch Live sports and channels from various online sources directly on ReTV. If one is thinking of giving up their cable TV, this is the ideal replacement.

Made With Love in India!

The product is developed and assembled in India and is made keeping Indian viewers and infrastructure in mind. Viewers will find relevant Indian content from a variety of Internet sources. A stable and high-speed Internet connection is an issue throughout India and a must for video streaming. For slower Internet connections, ReTV provides a Download feature letting viewers download videos and torrents directly on the set top box.

Techies Delight: Rugged Build and Hardcore Specs

Gadget lovers have something to be excited about. ReTV packs in a Quad Core 64bit 2.0Ghz CPU, Penta Core GPU, 1 GB RAM, 802.11 ac Dual band, Bluetooth 4.1, 8GB onboard storage expandable with SD Card or USB storage, 4K display, HEVC support, HDMI and CVBS output, and runs on Android 5.1. Android apps and games can be installed through the Play Store. The ReTV X1 also supports multiple Bluetooth and USB gaming controllers.

One can now cast their media from smartphones and laptops on the TV, or even mirror their device’s screen. ReTV software is built on top of Kodi – a popular Media Centre – and provides all its capabilities such as media organization, DLNA server and addons. ReTV will organize media files on the laptop or external storage, by year, rating, actors, etc. all with beautiful artwork and metadata.

Current PreOrder: Limited Edition

ReTV goes on PreOrder from 26th Jan 2017 – 1st Mar 2017, at a great discount and a limited offer which gets customers 1 year of curation services, 3 months of DittoTV subscription + 25 GB cloud data transfer absolutely free!