Huawei releases cloud-based unified CDN

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017
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Huawei Releases a New Cloud-based High Performance Unified CDN Solution

LONDON, UK — At today’s TV Connect, Huawei released a new cloud-based high performance unified CDN solution, which assists operators to improve user experience, and carry out services covering a large number of users of high-definition video, 4K/UHD video, UGC video and personalized sharing.

Along with global operators’ video business transformation, 4K/UHD and personalized interactive webcasts, businesses are booming and user’s expectations of end-to-end video experiences are getting higher and higher. In order to facilitate global video industry development and create the ultimate video experience, Huawei has created this unified CDN solution, which has the following features:

Cloud-based deployment: high resource utilization, rapid service deployment, low cost of construction and maintenance

The use of cloud-based architecture, supports distributed processing, multiple content centers deployment, multiple tenants CDN service operation and fast service deployment with Cloud mode. The service rollout time can be reduced from several months to a few weeks, and the construction and maintenance costs can be reduced by 30%-50%.

High-performance: industry leading throughput

In the IPTV 4K 60P scenario, the output stream of a single device is up to 60Gbps. In OTT 4K 60P scenarios, the output stream of a single device is up to 48Gbps. The output stream of overlaying devices reaches 200Gbps. The performance is suitable for full HD, 4K video and meets high concurrency requirements of online video service.

Multi-service convergence: fixed and mobile network convergence, multi-service, content management and distribution of multiple scenarios

Based on flexible distribution and intelligent scheduling capability, the unified CDN solution supports all kinds of content distribution scenarios in fixed and mobile network, such as IPTV, OTT video, Internet Cache, online streaming video, B2B CDN. As an efficient next-generation video distribution platform, the solution saves bandwidth and storage resources to build new personalized video business experience by supporting MPEG-Dash protocol, JITP and JITT, M-ABR multicast and RTMP online interactive technologies, and various video accelerating optimization technologies.