WeCast adds BI module and multi-ad provider support to its IPTV/OTT solution

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017
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WeCast unveiled new BI module and multiple advertisers integration for enabling additional revenue streams

PORTO, Portugal — WeCast has presented its advanced Business Intelligence module and multi-ad providers integration as two of the major developments for its white-label multi-screen IPTV/OTT solution, last week at CabSat 2017 in Dubai.

These features aim to address targeting needs of today’s VOD market, providing content owners and advertisers alike, crucial information to understand its audience.

Combining both BI knowledge with multiple ad providers integration, WeCast is expected to dramatically increase content provider’s monetization potential with the opening of a second revenue stream, as well as improving customer’s satisfaction with optimized content suggestions based on the user’s behavior.

“While continuously improving WeCast, we wanted to focus on bringing truly flexible audience-specific marketing opportunities. With our new BI module and multiple advertisement providers integration, we achieved just that. We understand how important it is for our customers to segment their audience into different groups for optimal content delivery and efficient targeting,” said Ana Costa, Head of Sales at WeCast.

“Moreover, these features work both ways, as content providers can open a second revenue stream while understanding their audience, and advertising agencies can tap into the targeting potential that WeCast has to offer,” added Ana Costa.