Redge Technologies teams up with NPAW for advanced analytics

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023 
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Redge Technologies teams up with NPAW for advanced analytics

  • Redge Technologies partners with NPAW to provide OTT platform customers with advanced streaming analytics

Redge Technologies, provider of Redge Media, the leading end-to-end streaming platform in CEE, has partnered with NPAW, a global leader in SaaS video streaming analytics solutions, to provide advanced analytics as an add-on to its platform.

Redge Media stands as a highly scalable and modular end-to-end OTT solution, trusted by industry leaders including Warner Bros. Discovery, iliad Group, FreeTV (Israel), and TV3 Group (Baltic States). It offers the advantage of optimizing the entire technology chain, resulting in reduced project risks and costs for live and on-demand content. It delivers a best-in-class UX with multi-tenancy and seamless integration with diverse partners. This synergy enables the platform to continuously improve the user experience and adapt to evolving customer needs. The partnership with NPAW reinforces Redge Media’s commitment to delivering consistent, data-driven OTT solutions, adding deep streaming analytics to its platform’s set of tools.

The NPAW Suite of applications offers a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to analytics for leading telecom operators, broadcasters, and OTT services. It provides access to real-time video business intelligence tools to monitor and optimize the performance and streaming services and the quality of the user experience. NPAW’s solutions enable the in-depth analysis of viewer behaviour, application navigation and performance, video performance, and content and advertising effectiveness, facilitating the rapid identification and resolution of playback issues, such a buffering or video crashes, and providing end users with an enhanced viewing experience.

NPAW recently achieved ISO/IEC 27701 certification, a privacy extension to the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certification that guarantees adherence to the latest privacy requirements, guidelines, and controls in line with business needs and regulations including GDPR. With this pioneering certification, NPAW demonstrates its proactive commitment to data privacy best practices before they become standards in the SaaS analytics industry.

“We’re excited to be working with Redge and its valuable clients to enable a data-driven approach to video streaming that fosters business growth by delivering a superior viewing experience,” says Till Sudworth, Chief Marketing Officer of NPAW.

“This partnership perfectly aligns with our dedication to providing top-tier streaming solutions to our valued clients. Moreover, it underscores the built-in modularity of the Redge Media open-standards-based platform. The inclusion of add-ons, such as NPAW’s advanced analytics, empowers broadcasters, telco operators, and content creators with the essential tools required for optimizing their offerings and ensuring the highest levels of customer engagement,” states Marek Szymczak, Sales Director and Partner Manager at Redge Technologies.

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