Enveu and NPAW partner on OTT platform analytics

Wednesday, July 12th, 2023 
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Enveu and NPAW Partner To Provide OTT Platform Customers with Customizable Streaming Analytics

BARCELONA — NPAW, the global leader in advanced video analytics and business intelligence, and Enveu, a renowned streaming solutions provider for content owners and broadcasters, announced today a strategic partnership to provide Enveu’s customers with NPAW’s in-depth, highly customizable streaming analytics capabilities.

Enveu helps media companies, publishers, content creators, and influencers build their own video streaming platforms and go live across 12+ devices in a matter of weeks, leveraging a comprehensive tech stack and deep industry expertise. With this new partnership, Enveu’s customers will have access to the NPAW Suite’s Custom App, an analytics solution that can be tailored to the measurement and branding requirements of each streaming service.

Equipped with comprehensive video, audience, ads, and content insights, they will be able to track in real-time their users’ perceived quality of experience and how they engage with their platform and content. This will enable them to make more effective content creation and purchasing decisions, as well as to optimize their streaming quality and platform to maximize user satisfaction and business growth.

“NPAW’s custom analytics will provide our customers with advanced, real-time user behavior and streaming quality visibility to optimize performance, maximize user engagement, and reduce churn,” said Shalabh Agarwal, CEO of Enveu. “The Custom App feature is pivotal to this process, allowing for the creation of custom analytics applications that adapt to the customer’s brand image and their specific analytics needs,” Agarwal added.

“We are thrilled to be deepening our collaboration with Enveu to equip content owners and creators with tailor-made, actionable video insights to drive exponential growth,” said Ruben Senor-Megias, Chief Sales Officer of NPAW. “We look forward to helping Enveu’s customers navigate their content strategy more efficiently and deliver superior-quality experiences for their viewers.”

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