MultiChoice expands video test automation capacity with Accenture StormTest

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017
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MultiChoice Takes a Data-Driven Approach to Product Development with Accenture StormTest

MultiChoice, a leading video entertainment company and subsidiary of Naspers Limited, has expanded its video test automation capacity with the implementation of Accenture StormTest, a suite of automated testing capabilities, to support a data-driven, continuous integration approach to product development.

The customer viewing experience is at the heart of MultiChoice’s strategy, with tailored programming for each of the regions in which the company operates. In addition to investing in new technologies to help accelerate delivery of innovative products and services, the company has adopted continuous integration best practices to streamline its offering across platforms such as its Catch Up service, setting recordings to decoders remotely and using instant search on decoders. Test automation is an integrated part of their development workflow that tracks the health of its rapidly evolving software platforms.

Accenture StormTest uses cutting-edge automation technologies to continuously and actively test new service releases across platforms and devices during development and deployment. The insights it provides enables organizations to accelerate service innovation, optimize development processes and ultimately improve the quality of the viewer experience. StormTest provides MultiChoice with a set of key performance indicators on each software build, including overall build health, test coverage, functional regression and quality-of-experience metrics, such as application access times, menu transitions and start-up times.

With faster software delivery using agile and DevOps practices, it can be difficult for organizations to understand if the software under development is getting better,” said John Maguire, managing director, Accenture Digital Video. “Integrating test automation into the workflow provides an objective basis to measure the progress of software builds while improving release quality and velocity of new features.