Tru Optik partners with NinthDecimal for location-based OTT ad targeting

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017
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Tru Optik and NinthDecimal Partner to Power Over-The-Top Television Ad Targeting and Attribution

  • Mobile Location-Based Audience Segments and Data Now Available Through Tru Optik’s OTT Marketing Cloud

STAMFORD, Conn. — Tru Optik, the only audience measurement and data management platform built for over-the-top (OTT) television, today announced a partnership with NinthDecimal, the marketing platform powered by location data, that will allow marketers to leverage consumers’ physical-world shopping, dining and lifestyle behaviors for OTT television ad targeting and campaign performance assessment.

Powering NinthDecimal’s suite of products are trillions of data points generated every month from over 135 million unique devices. As the industry’s leading marketing platform, NinthDecimal creates an average of 10,000 custom segments annually for major brands, built on the signals that deliver the best campaign reach, accuracy and performance. By accumulating exact property boundaries across the U.S., NinthDecimal maps locations with the precision needed to reliably distinguish between consumers entering a store versus those simply walking by or standing in the parking lot.

Using Tru Optik’s recently launched OTT Marketing Cloud, marketers now have the unique ability to use NinthDecimal’s audience intelligence in conjunction with other CRM data to activate cross-device, programmatic and direct OTT television campaigns. Brands can also use NinthDecimal’s audience intelligence for retargeting on Connected TV. For example, if a prospective customer visits a department store, or a nearby competitor, marketers can reach that person in a privacy-compliant environment with TV ads on their Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation or other OTT device.

“Our partnership with Tru Optik delivers an entirely new level of reach and accuracy for marketers that want to take full advantage of OTT’s targeting and measurement capabilities,” said Brian Slitt, chief revenue officer at NinthDecimal. “With specific consumer profiles and preferences based on physical-world behavior, including their affinity to specific brands, marketers can more accurately reach OTT audiences that align with their media campaigns. We’re excited about what both companies can deliver to the market under this new partnership.”

According to Tru Optik Chief Strategist David Wiesenfeld, “Most shopping, purchasing and everyday activities play out in the physical world, which makes location-based behavior a powerful way to understand and reach consumers. It’s the real-world analog of targeting based on website visitation or search.”

In addition, the Tru Optik and NinthDecimal partnership allows marketers to link OTT ad exposure with subsequent visits to designated commercial establishments using NinthDecimal’s offline attribution solution, Location Conversion Index™ (LCI™). Combining the two sources of data enables brands to prove the effectiveness of mid-funnel and lower-funnel OTT marketing campaigns.

“The ability to use consumer location data to prove OTT campaign effectiveness in driving traffic to stores, restaurants, auto dealerships and other commercial locations has become essential for advertisers eager to shift marketing dollars to OTT,” said Michelle Swanston, SVP of Operations for Tru Optik. “Our partnership with NinthDecimal gives brands and advertisers another critical tool to power their data driven OTT marketing efforts across both connected TV and mobile.”