Clarksville, Tennessee Department of Electricity's New IPTV Triple Play Service Protected By SecureMedia

Monday, April 14th, 2008
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The award-winning Encryptonite ONE™ System secures one of the largest Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) initiatives in the United States

NATICK, MA USA — SecureMedia, the technology leader in content protection software for secure video and multimedia delivery over IP networks, announced today that Clarksville, Tennessee Department of Electricity has selected and implemented SecureMedia’s Encryptonite ONE System to provide content protection for its cutting-edge IPTV service, CDE LIGHTBAND, to the more than 54,000 electric customers in the 96 square mile service territory in northwest Tennessee, USA.

CDE LIGHTBAND utilizes one of the largest deployments of fiber optics in America, offering advance IPTV communications services to local residents, businesses and government facilities. The unique design of this fiber network is that it is built around a series of rings all throughout the city, providing complete redundancy to each of CDE LIGHTBAND’S 54,000 customers. These customers can now enjoy a triple-play offering that features over 200 channels of high-quality digital video, an interactive programming guide, and video on demand service along with 10Mbps Internet and telephony services.

“For our new IPTV initiative, our checklist items of selecting a content protection solution were pretty simple: the company must have proven security technology that is easy to integrate and maintain, must be cost-effective, and must offer new innovations as we offer new services to our customers,” stated Stephen Hopkins, Vice President of Telecommunications for CDE LIGHTBAND. “Only SecureMedia was able to fulfill these security requirements and enable us access to the best in video entertainment through its Encryptonite ONE System.”

The Encryptonite ONE System, winner of the industry’s highest award; the 2008 IPTV World Series Award for best content protection, is today’s proven multi-format, multi-platform CA/DRM software solution that provides the highest levels of digital content security while offering operational efficiencies and extended value. Approved by all major film studios and TV broadcasters, the Encryptonite ONE System allows telcos and broadband operators to acquire distribution rights to the most compelling broadcast channels and VOD programming. Its unique system design features an ultra-light, processor-efficient client that can be deployed on virtually any consumer media appliance to allow ubiquitous secure content distribution on current and future set-top boxes, PCs, portable players and mobile phones. Employing a patented, common encryption scheme for both broadcast and VOD content and through its exclusive EverLock™ process, the Encryptonite ONE System is the only solution available today that enables persistent and efficient protection of content at all times in distribution and storage including in DVR and nDVR applications. Newest innovations include exclusive platform extensions that allow for selectable digital forensics to track, identify and deter piracy of valued content (IdentiFind™), rapid middleware integration to speed time-to-market (CodeConnect™), and configurable security parameters for diverse quality content (TrustAdjust™).

Acquisition, project management and integration of the Encryptonite ONE System was done in partnership with Telco Television Corporation (TTC) and Power & Telephone Supply Company (Power & Tel), both Memphis, TN, based corporations. TTC provides television content and content services directly to multi-market metropolitan subscriber households as well as through flexible business partner models with telephone companies desiring to enter into the delivery of television over DSL and telecom infrastructures. Power & Tel is an independent distributor of material for the telecommunications and cable TV industries worldwide.

“CDE LIGHTBAND and its innovative deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home attests to the future of cost effective multimedia entertainment delivery and SecureMedia is proud to be part of this historical implementation,” said Fred Ellis, COO SecureMedia. “CDE LIGHTBAND is assured of offering their customers the most advanced and secure entertainment products and services while SecureMedia continues its success of protecting converged media distribution on leading FTTH implementations throughout the world.”