Verizon Digital Media Services integrates Dolby Audio

Monday, April 24th, 2017
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Verizon Digital Media Services enhances quality of experience for OTT services and applications with Dolby Audio integration

  • The Verizon Digital Media Services platform now enables OTT content creators and providers to deliver Dolby Audio™–enhanced content to the latest mobile and connected devices

LOS ANGELES — Verizon Digital Media Services and Dolby Laboratories today announced that encoding and playback of Dolby Audio will now be integrated into the Verizon Digital Media Services platform. Dolby Audio will be available as an additional feature of the Uplynk Video Streaming service, augmenting content with cinematic-like sound and providing viewers with the ultimate visual and audio experience on the latest mobile and connected devices.

“The expectation for high quality audio and video doesn’t go away when content is streamed from the internet rather than delivered by a cable set top box or played from a Blu-ray player,” said Ted Middleton, chief product officer for Verizon Digital Media Services. “With the integration of Dolby Audio support into our digital media platform, we are ensuring that our customers — leading media and entertainment content creators and distributors — can provide their viewers with the ultimate home entertainment experience.”

With Dolby Audio now available through the Uplynk Video Streaming service, consumers can enjoy:

  • Vibrant, high-quality audio entertainment at home and on-the-go for movies, TV shows, online videos, or concerts across a wide variety of devices.
  • Support for enhanced stereo and multichannel audio for crisp surround sound, clear dialogue and improved detail—across services and libraries using the Uplynk Video Streaming service for content management and delivery.
  • Compatibility with platforms including Roku4, PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows 10 OS, and devices using Apple® iOS, tvOS™ and MacOS™.
  • Premium mobile listening, adding clear, realistic sound through headphones and speakers.

“Consumers around the world now expect the highest quality entertainment on all their devices,” said Mathias Bendull, vice president, Multi-Screen Services Audio, Dolby Laboratories. “We are pleased to work with Verizon Digital Media Services, a proven leader in the digital media space, to integrate Dolby Audio into its end-to-end OTT streaming video platform to support the next generation of immersive entertainment experiences that delight these audiences wherever they may go.”

Dolby Audio delivers consistent, high-quality audio for streaming, on-demand, and downloaded content across a variety of consumer electronics, including smart TVs, game consoles, home theaters, smartphones and connected devices. Dolby Audio’s support for flexible content creation, management, and delivery workflows allows digital entertainment services to efficiently and effectively improve the audio quality in the content their audiences love. Content publishers using the Dolby Audio capabilities of the Uplynk Video Streaming service may see increases in audience engagement, including session frequency, length and social sharing.

The Uplynk Video Streaming service enables content publishers to quickly launch and grow their OTT offerings by removing complexities from the entire OTT video ecosystem. It uses one streamlined workflow to simplify encoding, storage and playback. No matter whether streaming linear, live or VOD content, the Uplynk Video Streaming service supports many advanced capabilities, including closed-captioning, unique server side ad technologies, blackout management, cross-platform analytics and more.