WeTek provides STBs for Triple-C IPTV in partnership with Vonetize

Friday, April 28th, 2017
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WeTek provides set-top boxes for new IPTV service launched by Triple-C in partnership with Vonetize

Hugo Condesa, WeTek CEO: “This collaboration with Triple-C and Vonetize clearly conveys our vision and translates how bound and determined we are regarding integration with the best in class ISP/Operators and premium content service providers. We’re excited, not only to provide a new IPTV experience to Triple-C’s customers but also to showcase the full potential of our hardware.”

Triple-C is launching SMART in partnership with Vonetize, the new IPTV service for the Israeli market, with WeTek providing customized Set-top boxes fully adapted to both Triple C’s network and Vonetize’s content distribution service.

WeTek will be responsible for lifecycle management tools and API’s, thus strengthening its position as both a reference in Set-top boxes manufacturing and IPTV/OTT solutions development through its daughter company, WeCast.

WeTek’s expertise and agility in delivering a streamlined solution even when facing relatively small minimum order quantities (MOQ), allows Triple-C to offer a new way for its users to experience TV services for the cheapest cost in Israel without compromising quality.

WeTek and Vonetize have worked closely to present an expertly developed frontend and accurate content localization, offering features such as PVR, time-shift and catch up tv up to 14 days behind.