RSCRYPTO joins Frog by Wyplay community, updates CA

Friday, May 19th, 2017

RSCRYPTO joins Frog by Wyplay community

SINGAPORE — CommunicAsia — RSCRYPTO, a pioneer in Conditional Access Security (CAS), today announced to join more than 150 companies in the Frog by Wyplay Community. RSCRYPTO officially launches a new generation CAS-PHI CAS 2.5, which enables operators to take control of their own security.

“We really appreciate the spirit of open source software, which stimulates more creativity and innovation. In the meanwhile we are glad to see more and more companies have found their own business model to monetize their solution. As an innovator in the content security industry with open-minded attitude, we strongly recommend operator to own and drive their network security. CAS shall be a service, which operator could flexibly replace on deployed device if not satisfied,” said Levent Le, COO and CO-Founder of RSCRYPTO.

“We are pleased to join Frog by Wyplay Community so as to work together and provide to operator a comprehensive suite to manage content. Beside advantages of quick Time to Market by open source customizable middleware, it also grants operator huge flexibility for deeply customized software on deployed STB in future, including CAS”

“We heartily welcome RSCrypto as our new Frog Partner, thereby deepening the Frog Community’s footprint in China,” said Dominique Feral, CMO of Wyplay. He added, “We have always believed that it was, and still is the right time for operators to break free from lock-in. We are glad to share this same vision with RSCrypto.”