ADB to supply STBs and RDK software to NOWO in Portugal

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017
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Commercial deployment of RDK on ADB platform

GENEVA, Switzerland — ADB, a leading provider of solutions and services for multimedia convergence, announces its partnership with Portuguese telecommunications and multimedia service provider, NOWO, with scope to implement the commercial launch of its TV service with ADB STB Hardware and ADB RDK Middleware.

This strategic cooperation has aim to quickly deploy a variety of new RDK based services which will vastly enhance NOWO’s offering to its customer base with innovative new features.

Ana Teixeira, NOWO’s Chief Technology Officer commented: “As part of our commitment to the ongoing improvement of our services and offer to our customer base, we are confident that we found the right partner to continue to create innovative solutions and deliver for the future. NOWO and ADB share the same vision and a mutual focus on technological innovation and we believe that this partnership will help us to achieve our goals, as we move into our next phase of business development.”

“The ADB solution adopted by NOWO is built on solid, proven technology, and met NOWO’s key requirements for the project. The ADB RDK Middleware will continue to evolve to RDK-V and will follow the future requirements of PayTV”, said Lennart Broers, SVP of Sales at ADB for Major Accounts in EMEA.

NOWO (formerly Cabovisão) uses the innovative ADB 1750CF HD HEVC STB, providing customers with cutting edge technology and benefits, including multiple tuners, optional HDD and time-shift functionalities.

The ADB STB + RDK Middleware solution is seamlessly integrated with the multiscreen next-gen Nebula TV solution of ANDROME. This state-of-the-art end-to-end TV product is fully content driven and is providing build-in recommendation for the end-users delivering NOWO a competitive edge. It has been received very well by NOWO’s customers after an efficient and successful commercial launch.