ADB builds satellite STB platform with MediaTek

Thursday, November 21st, 2019
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ADB builds new products using MediaTek chipsets

GENEVA, Switzerland — Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB) has selected MediaTek as a chipset provider for its latest satellite STB platform. ADB, as a leading provider of advanced systems for Pay-TV and broadband operators, is currently deploying its products for major Pay-TV operators in Europe and Australia.

The selected high-performance MediaTek chipset, which supports 4K resolution, is ideally suited to the growing consumer demand for high-quality entertainment experiences and makes ADB’s platform future-proof. The platform runs on ADB software, which is easy to configure and ready to be expanded with next-generation services. This software is part of the overall system, which ADB provides to Pay-TV operators to enable them to offer highly compelling features to their subscribers.

“The design of MediaTek’s chipsets is a model example of a perfectly balanced ratio between price and supported features without compromising quality. We are glad to build our products based on this solution,” said Krzysztof Biliński, CTO at ADB.

“Pay-TV operators are looking for feature-rich and reliable platforms to support next-generation entertainment. With ADB’s new platform powered by MediaTek, consumers can enjoy the latest high-quality 4K content with best-in-class user experiences,” said Winson Hsu, Assistant General Manager of MediaTek Intelligent Device Business Group.