Videology and Tru Optik create addressable reach platform for connected TV

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017
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Videology and Tru Optik Complete Integration to Offer Industry’s First Scalable, Addressable Reach Platform for Connected TV (CTV)

  • Videology’s Targetable Connected TV Universe Includes 100 Million Households — 85% of All CTV Homes
  • Includes “Opt-Out” Capability That Has Traditionally Held Back Scalable, Addressable CTV Advertising to Date

NEW YORK — Today, Videology, a leading provider of converged TV and video advertising software, announced that it has completed its addressable integration with Tru Optik, the only audience measurement and data management platform compatible with Connected TV (CTV). This integration allows advertisers to use Videology’s platform to send targeted one-to-household messaging, based on hundreds of third-party data segments or their first-party data segments, to nearly 100 million households. Videology is currently the only video platform with this type of advanced integration.

“Videology was one of the first companies to have the vision and foresight to recognize and prepare for the growing importance of CTV,” said Andre Swanston, CEO and Co-Founder, Tru Optik. “Videology is currently the only platform that has mastered the necessary requirements to do scalable, privacy compliant, audience driven advertising across all screens, including CTV. I’m proud of the work we have done together over the past year to bring the necessary rigor to their CTV advertising workflow. As a result of this collaboration, their cross-screen offering to clients is truly unique in the marketplace.”

Importantly, Videology has worked with Tru Optik to ensure that households can “Opt-out” of receiving behaviorally targeted advertisements on CTV. This is similar to the opt-out for digital targeted advertising across PC or mobile devices.

“There is tremendous interest from advertisers and suppliers in using CTV as part of their overall video strategy, yet challenges in activating first-party and advanced data-sets have held the industry back,” said Aleck Schleider, SVP, Client and Data Strategy, Videology. “The work that we have done with Tru Optik removes these obstacles, opening the door for holistic video planning and buying using common data sets across all devices – CTV included.”

Additionally, Videology can now tie exposure on any screen — including CTV — to brand lift, website activity and offline sales, enabling true cross-screen measurement, Schleider added.

From January to July of 2017, over 7,000 brands ran CTV advertising through the Videology platform, most as part of screen-agnostic video campaigns that also included computers and/or mobile devices. Since the Tru Optik integration was completed in early July, requests for more advanced strategies across CTV have accelerated, and several major advertisers and suppliers are launching new initiatives across CTV utilizing Videology and Tru Optik.

“We know that we’ve only tapped the surface in terms of CTV’s potential, but it is a growing focus for A+E Networks as viewership expands across our platforms and devices,” said Jason DeMarco, VP, Programmatic & Audience Solutions, A+E Networks. “A major challenge in our industry today is that there is a fragmentation of viewership. Tech leaders in the TV space, like Videology, are helping to open up the path for advertisers looking to reach households, and all of their engaged viewers, through premium content – wherever and however it is consumed.”

“When it comes to CTV, we are looking for scale and content,” said Francois Lee, EVP, Investment Director, Assembly. “After that, we can start thinking about bringing greater innovation to CTV ad formats, taking advantage of the interactivity, and unique propositions that CTV brings to the overall video mix.”