true[X] and Innovid partner to bring Engagement Ads to living room devices

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
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New Data Show 50% of Viewers Chose to Watch Ads, Improving Their TV Experience and Increasing Time Spent Interacting with Brands

NEW YORK — true[X], the most effective engagement advertising platform for on-demand, interactive media, and Innovid, the world’s leading video marketing platform, today announced their first-to-market strategic partnership that powers Engagement Ads for living room TV devices. This partnership has debuted with the launch of engagement-powered viewing for FX Network’s Fall 2017 content on the Roku platform and is now available to all true[X] long-form video partners. Over the coming months, choice-driven ads will be rolled out across all Fox Network Groups living room apps via many streaming devices.

As consumer consumption of digital video viewing surges from over-the-top (OTT) devices, this type of advertising model is particularly interesting for leading brand marketers to tap into the power of interactive advertising in TV. true[X], using the Innovid platform, has created Engagement Ads purpose-built for living room devices. By interacting with an Engagement Ad, viewers are given the ability to watch their content with significantly reduced ad loads while guaranteeing the full attention of the viewer with a marketing message.

“By offering the viewer a better TV experience, marketers have a more effective way to capture the time and attention of consumers harnessing the power of video,” said Tal Chalozin, co-founder and CTO at Innovid. “The results speak for themselves – with this new ad model, marketers regain their engagement through TV with consumers in a more effective manner. We’ve always believed in building technology that will power the reinvention of TV. Living rooms remain the holy grail for premium experiences, and Innovid is proud to partner with true[X] to bring this digital viewing experience to life.”

According to Innovid’s recent Global Benchmarks Report, advertising spent on living room devices has steadily increased, growing more than four times year-over-year as viewership continues to rise. The data validates Innovid’s ongoing leadership and investment in OTT, and the company’s commitment to creating consistent, high-quality user experiences for TVs and living room devices.

Originally launched in 2007 for desktop, true[X] engagement advertising has improved viewer experiences and delivered higher brand performance for advertisers on desktop, mobile, tablet, and now on connected devices. Digital video viewership is growing exponentially on connected TV devices, making them a priority platform for TV networks such as FOX, where the fastest growth in on-demand viewership is occurring through connected devices on TVs. The true[X] engagement ad model offers real value for viewers by reducing ad load while also delivering market-leading returns for marketers through increased viewer attention to brand Engagement Ads.

“Innovation in this space is crucial when it comes to reaching both cord-cutters and cord-nevers,” said Ed Davis, Chief Product Officer at true[X]. “We’ve spent a considerable amount of time ideating, developing, and testing our ad model to achieve the best viewing experience while increasing value for brand advertisers. Innovid has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table during this process.”