Distributel acquires Canadian IPTV provider Zazeen

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017
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Distributel Purchases Strategic IPTV Service Provider – Announces Acquisition of Zazeen

TORONTO — Canada’s leading independent telecommunications provider, Distributel Communications Limited (Distributel), today announced that it has received CRTC approval to acquire 100% of Zazeen Inc. Distributel also announced new, lower prices for Internet and TV service bundles. Distributel was Canada’s first major independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) to offer television services, which are now available in most English and French markets across Ontario and Quebec.

“Distributel is once again taking a leadership role in Canadian telecommunications with this acquisition, which will allow our continued strategic investment in TV,” says Matt Stein, CEO of Distributel. “Distributel has been partnering with Zazeen since the service launched and has been offering Zazeen TV as a real alternative to the television offerings of the country’s big cable and phone companies, who recently announced rate increases,” Stein adds. “With this acquisition, we improve our ability to make long term strategic pricing moves, continue developing the service and accelerate the introduction of new features and consumer benefits.”

Sandro Henriques, one of the founding partners of Zazeen, praised the move as a good one for Zazeen TV customers and for the future of independent TV in Canada. “After our long partnership, this is the right strategic move for the brand and the company”, stated Henriques. “We are confident that the team at Distributel will have a positive impact on the future of competitive TV in Canada. Both current and future Zazeen TV customers will benefit from the continued evolution and ongoing improvements to the service.”

In another key move, Distributel also announced the addition of telecommunications veteran Bradley J. Fisher to the company’s Executive Team. Brad Fisher joins as Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for strategic oversight of the organization’s Marketing and Sales activities, as well as for the development of new growth strategies. “The timing of the hire coincides nicely with the Zazeen acquisition,” noted Stein. “Brad brings deep, relevant industry experience, including specific TV product development expertise, earned through roles in Canada and the US, where he spearheaded the design and development of IPTV offerings at leading companies.” Brad also serves on the Board of Directors at ZoneTV.

Zazeen TV is currently available in all major markets across Ontario and Quebec at bundle prices that offer significant savings versus the rates charged by comparable big cable and phone companies. Zazeen TV boasts both value and volume, with channel packages starting at only $25 for the Basic package, up to $100 for over 110 channels, all available coupled with competitively priced Internet plans. The independent telecommunications leader is also planning to continue to expand their TV offering with new channel packages and to new Canadian markets in the coming months.