COSMOTE TV launches multiroom in Greece

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017


  • Up to 4 decoders per connection so that everyone at every household can watch different channels through different TV sets

COSMOTE TV enables its subscribers to watch simultaneously different channels through different TV sets at home, as well as to enjoy interactive TV services on all screens, via the new COSMOTE TV MULTIROOM service. With the service, available through the hybrid platform, households can activate up to three additional decoders on a satellite or IPTV connection so that all family members can watch the program of their choice at the same time.

Through the hybrid technology, COSMOTE TV MULTIROOM subscribers will be able to watch COSMOTE TV channels on more than one TV sets simultaneously, while also having access to interactive services, such as COSMOTE REPLAY TV (for time shifting TV services) COSMOTE CINEMA ON DEMAND (for movie rentals following their theatrical release), COSMOTE TV PLUS (free access to films, series and documentaries by COSMOTE CINEMA & HISTORY channels). Additionally, they will also be able to record[1] programs on all their decoders.

Furthermore, the new service enables subscribers to stop watching an on-demand program on a specific TV set, and continue watching it through another, from the point of pause.

The service is available at 6.60 euros/month[2] for each additional decoder, with a 12-month commitment.

COSMOTE TV MULTIROOM is also available for the service’s full packs[3] subscribers via satellite.

COSMOTE TV offers access to exclusive, high-quality content through its 15 own production channels – COSMOTE CINEMA, COSMOTE SPORT & COSMOTE HISTORY – and more than 90 digital channels in total, with plenty of top-quality options in all program categories. It also provides advanced on-demand content monitoring services, having launched the first hybrid subscription platform in the country.

A prerequisite for the service operation is a hybrid decoder provision or its upgrading to a hybrid one. Also, all decoders should be connected to the same xDSL router and have access to Internet from any provider (it concerns subscribers via satellite).

[1] In case they have a hard disk decoder (built-in or external).
[2] Prices include VAT and pay-TV fee.
[3] The service is available at €32.90/month for each additional decoder, with a 12-month commitment.