Tremor Video DSP extends TV viewership data into connected TV

Thursday, December 21st, 2017
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Couples OTT with exclusive data targeting from Alphonso, the leader in TV viewership data

NEW YORK — Tremor Video DSP, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced enhanced Connected TV campaigns that leverage exclusive data targeting from Alphonso. Horizon Media will be the first agency to take advantage of this new advanced offering for their client La Quinta Inns & Suites.

“In this exceedingly fragmented marketplace, it is more critical than ever to pioneer new territories with progressive solutions in order to build incremental targeted reach. We are excited to partner with Tremor Video DSP and Alphonso – marrying data and technology on the biggest screen in the living room – to benefit and future-proof our client’s business,” said Charlotte Cochrane, EVP, Managing Partner, Digital at Horizon West.

“Brands are excited by the promise of CTV, but the environments have historically lacked the audience targeting layers clients want on their digital buys,” said Abbey Thomas, CMO of Tremor Video DSP. “We can now match audiences based on historical television viewing habits to best-in-class sponsor video in the full episode player experience, and close the loop with attribution.”

Brands working with Tremor Video DSP can access more than 200 million digital devices from among Alphonso’s 34 million “Households TV Viewership” trends. This enables larger scale across devices to conquest specific television targeting initiatives important to brands.

Alphonso’s proprietary deterministic one-to-one device graph was designed with television data as the hub of the household. It maps real-time viewership data to better understand which devices are active during specific television programming as well as advertisements. This enables one-to-one retargeting across more devices within the identified television-viewing households.