ALi to incorporate Advanced HDR from Technicolor in STB chipsets

Monday, January 8th, 2018
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ALi Adopts Advanced HDR by Technicolor in STB Chipsets

TAIPEI, Taiwan — ALi Corporation, a leading innovator and developer of set-top box (STB) chipsets, has announced that its upcoming generation of chipsets will feature Advanced HDR by Technicolor technology.

“Viewers today are demanding an enhanced, sophisticated and true-color viewing experience. With Advanced HDR by Technicolor, ALi-equipped STBs can receive HDR content from any broadcast operator that has HDR-ready platforms. As a result, the whole ecosystem benefits from ALi’s HDR-enabled chipsets by expanding the audience that is capable of consuming HDR content, while reducing the time it takes to deploy HDR-ready STBs to consumers’ homes,” said Daniel Huang, CEO of ALi Corporation.

Advanced HDR by Technicolor combines two award-winning technologies, Technicolor HDR, a universal distribution solution, and Technicolor Intelligent Tone Management (ITM), a powerful graphic SDR to HDR conversion tool. The two technologies improve the ability to appropriately deliver SDR or HDR content regardless of screen or format through the electro-optical transfer function (EOTF). By integrating Technicolor HDR solutions into the upcoming generation of chipsets, ALi Corp offers the STB industry HDR-ready chipsets to enhance the wide-screen viewing experience.

“This announcement from ALi Corp contributes to Technicolor’s ongoing mission to offer the finest and most immersive cinematic-quality experience to consumers around the world,” said Kirk Barker, Senior Vice President, Emerging Products, Technicolor. “By embedding Technicolor’s HDR technology into ALi’s chipsets, consumers are now able to experience the stunning HDR content originally captured, produced and distributed in HDR or SDR,” he said.

Royal Philips, co-developer of the HDR technology with Technicolor, commented on the momentum that is gathering behind these up-conversion and universal distribution solutions.

“The fact that ALi Corp incorporates Technicolor HDR in their chipset offerings provides the industry with more confidence and shows how rapidly this technology is evolving to meet the demands of viewers nowadays. It also reflects the importance of HDR conversion to any screen regardless of any specific format,” said Frederic Guillanneuf, Head of Business Development for HDR a Philips.