Evolution Digital rolls out upgraded eVUE-TV experience

Monday, January 22nd, 2018
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New Evolution Digital eVUE-TV Experience Arrives to Customers Nationwide

  • User interface upgrades include improved trick play, frame overlay on video playback, operator-managed program categorization, enhanced adult filtering and automatic HD content filtering
  • Introducing new eVUE-TV back-office platform operations console for managing linear and Video on Demand billing systems, as well as monitoring and reporting customers’ viewing consumption patterns

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Evolution Digital today announces the deployment of software upgrades for its eVUE-TV® IP video service experience with upgraded features and functionalities for both operators and their customers across the U.S.

Evolution Digital’s acclaimed eVUE-TV, now deployed by operators nationwide, allows cable and telecommunications operators to cost-effectively add IP Video on Demand, IP Linear, Pay-Per-View and network DVR to their systems.

Movies on Demand eVUE

Upgraded User Interface Features Now Available

eVUE-TV now features enhanced trick play, allowing customers to rewind and fast-forward at customized speeds. The upgraded functionality also features a visual representation of where the customer is seeking in the video stream by displaying a screen capture of the scene, providing customers ease-of-use when fast-forwarding or rewinding through any given show, movie or event.
The upgraded experience also includes improved categorization of content. Operators are able to manage programming into folders as they see fit, optimizing search and navigation for customers. For adult content, strengthened filtering automatically moves adult selections into correct folders accessible via password-protected parental controls. Further managed categorization features a new functionality that automatically displays an HD title, if available, while removing the SD program to avoid duplication, as well as offer the best available definition of content.

“These upgraded features now available on our eVUE-TV platform offer consumers an exceptional viewing experience,” said Brent Smith, president and chief technology officer. “eVUE-TV provides our operators new opportunities to capture audiences who want to enjoy the best television functionalities available in the industry. In the competitive cable market, Evolution Digital strives to provide operators the tools that consumers want in a TV viewing experience to help retain and attract subscribers.”

Enhanced eVUE-TV IP Video Back-Office

Evolution Digital’s eVUE-TV now offers operators a new, state-of-the-art platform operations console, a one-stop shop for provisioning and managing Video on Demand storage and live linear content. The operations console also enables device management for third-party devices.
Additionally, eVUE-TV’s platform operations console provides operators with a robust report generation and system monitoring tool for data collection to provide deep insight into customer viewing habits to better cater their products and services, creating opportunities to generate higher revenue and increased profit margins.

“Our upgraded eVUE-TV back-office allows us to guide our operators in delivering a unique and unrivaled system for cable and telecommunications providers to easily manage their operations while minimizing CAPEX and simplifying the allocation of resources,” said Smith. “By using Evolution Digital’s new platform operations console, operators can oversee live linear and Video on Demand activity through categories, movie names, status of availability, program duration, program codes, pricing and actions. Channel configuration has never been easier, and it is our goal to assist operators in allocating their resources cost-effectively and intelligently to generate new revenue streams.”

eVUE-TV is available on Evolution Digital’s eBOX® IP Hybrid Set-Top Box and other third-party hardware.