4C Insights integrates Inscape's Smart TV data

Monday, January 29th, 2018
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4C Integrates Inscape’s Smart TV Data to Deliver Exclusive Audience Insights for Planning and Activation Across Premium Channels

CHICAGO — 4C Insights (4C), a data science and marketing technology company, today announced a deal to integrate automatic content recognition (ACR) from Inscape, the Smart TV data company with glass level insights from nearly 8 million Smart TVs. Through the partnership, marketers can now access Inscape’s smart TV viewership data within the 4C software platform alongside additional sources of audience and creative intelligence. The solution provides enhanced audience targeting and analytics for premium channels including linear television, over-the-top (OTT) television, social, and digital media.

Backed by patented data science, 4C offers a suite of self-service tools for advanced planning, buying and measurement. Used in combination with other 4C data sets, the integration with Inscape enhances capabilities to:

  • Define and reach new, behavioral audience segments across premium channels.
  • Inform linear and digital TV planning and buying.
  • Extract creative insights like TV ad stickiness and wear out.

For example, using Inscape data in 4C, marketers can target ads on TV or social media to people who have or haven’t watched particular programs, have or haven’t been exposed to particular TV spots, or those who don’t watch linear television at all.

4C is the only company to enable a unified audience strategy across TV, social, and premium video, and the only company to programmatically deploy TV data in social advertising and social data in TV advertising. 4C’s solutions are fueled by the 4C Insights Affinity Graph™, which delivers a full picture of how people behave with each other, media, and technology by mapping across 2 billion+ social media users, 200 million offline sales profiles, 10 million+ Smart TVs, 50,000 brands, 2,200 TV channels, and 41 languages.

“Marketers want to deliver personalized experiences to audiences that matter, something that can only be done with the right data to inform planning, activation, analysis and optimization,” said Anupam Gupta, CPO, 4C. “4C’s partnership with Inscape fuels an unparalleled and frictionless audience-based approach through the combination of Inscape’s second-by-second TV viewing data from millions of Smart TVs and 4C’s industry-leading TV, social, and premium video tools together in an integrated platform.”

Inscape, a wholly owned subsidiary of VIZIO, manages a rapidly growing footprint of TV sets equipped with ACR technology. Currently at 7.7 million active and opted-in TV devices and growing, Inscape’s Smart TV footprint is the largest single source of opt-in TV viewing data available to license in the United States.

“4C is integrating the rich playground of social media with the billion points of data we’re generating from connected TVs every day to offer the market a new way of doing business,” said Jodie McAfee, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Inscape.