StarHub deploys audience measurement with TeleIDEA and Nielsen

Saturday, October 10th, 2015
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TeleIDEA’s Genie enables Audience Measurement system launched by Starhub and Nielsen in Singapore

TeleIDEA’s Genie Audience Measurement return path data (RPD) system has been launched by Starhub in Singapore. The new system has been introduced by StarHub in collaboration with measurement firm Nielsen that is also commissioned to support the subscription and sales of collected data.

TeleIDEA solution is composed by client SW modules running on StarHub set-top boxes deployed in 545,000 Singaporean homes, reporting data over the return path to the TeleIDEA Audience Measurement servers. The service covers StarHub’s 200 channels, and gives real-time and time-shift viewing data of ad spots as well as regular programming.

The system has the ability to provide highly accurate and dynamic audience segmentation, track specific media consumption habits and facilitate advertising campaign retargeting beyond TV in real-time. These insights can help advertisers and content partners make better informed decisions about creating and scheduling content or advertising campaigns effectively. It also allows the pay TV operator to perform day-to-day monitoring and planning of its channels and programmes as well as creating relevant pay TV packages.

“We are extremely proud and excited to be able to offer solutions to collect valuable STB data of this caliber and we are committed to simplify the deployment of global measurement solutions and accelerate the creation of more accurate big data services for the TV industry” says Pio Cardone, TeleIDEA managing director.