Digiturk and Altech Multimedia to launch hybrid HD set-top-box

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013
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Big leap for Turkish TV market: Digiturk and Altech Multimedia to launch new generation hybrid HD set-top-box

MOUNT EDGECOMBE, South Africa/BERLIN, Germany — IBC 2013 — Digiturk, the leading satellite operator in Turkey, has commercially launched the next generation hybrid set-top box aimed at the evolving markets in Turkey and beyond. The hybrid set-top box was developed by its partner Altech Multimedia, a provider of innovative products and services to the Global Multimedia market.

Access Premium Content: Smartware, Irdeto CA and MS Playready

The new line of interactive and hybrid set-top boxes (DT-7103HD) developed by Altech Multimedia integrates TeleIDEA’s Smartware with the Irdeto Conditional Access system to secure Digiturk’s broadcast content. Microsoft Playready with Smooth streaming technology allow Digiturk customers to access Video on Demand content over IP. Furthermore the platform supports HD PVR functionality through the use of external USB connected storage media.

Combining two worlds: DVB Broadcast, HTML5, IP-VOD, Apps and HbbTV

Thanks to Altech Multimedia and the latest generation of software by TeleIDEA digiturk customers are now able to access DVB broadcasted content, combined with HTML5 and broadband services offering IP-VOD, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and much more. Through its HbbTV extensions this solution is allowing additional flexibility as an open business and neutral technology platform. Once in the field, the set-top-box can easily be updated to fully support this wide range of OTT features by OTA software update allowing platform and customer flexibility through upgrade business models.

“For Digiturk it is essential to meet and continuously over exceed our customers’ expectations in order to secure their satisfaction, improve the user experience and grow our overall business. By connecting the two worlds of Broadcast and Broadband on content side and with innovative hybrid technology products we are on the right track to exactly achieve those goals.” explains Taylan Özsipahi, director of the set top box and conditional access department at Digiturk.

“In our opinion it is and has always been the synergic cooperation between content and technology companies that drives the entertainment markets and we are thrilled about Digiturk choosing Altech Multimedia with its partner TeleIDEA to further enhance the Digiturk success story by launching the next level consumer product category.” explains Bartolomeo Caputo, Managing Director of Altech Multimedia Europe.