INSIDE Secure protects content in Pixela Android set-top box for J:COM

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013
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Inside Secure Protects Premium Content in New Pixela Android Set-Top Box for Japan’s Largest Cable TV Provider

  • Brings Smartphone/Tablet Entertainment Experience to Home TV Subscribers of J:COM and Other Providers

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France — INSIDE Secure today announced that its downloadable DRM Fusion Agent™ software is being used by Osaka-based Pixela Corporation to meet stringent premium content protection requirements for a new Android™-based set-top box (STB) developed for Jupiter Telecommunications (J:COM), Japan’s largest cable TV provider. The INSIDE software is compatible with Android on any platform, supports multiple playback methods and the PlayReady standard. It enabled Pixela to quickly and easily develop a set-top box that meets the security demands and requirements of premium content providers to protect the delivery of high-value HD content to J:COM subscribers’ home TVs.

“We relied heavily on INSIDE’s vast experience with DRM security technology on Android platforms, and this enabled us to significantly reduce our development time and effort while developing this set-top box for J:COM,” said Motoyuki Ikeda, manager, first software division at Pixela Corporation. “INSIDE already has a successful relationship with J:COM, which helped boost our credibility, and their DRM technology has the approval of all the major Hollywood content providers for delivering HD-quality content, which removed another major hurdle.”

Using Pixela’s Android-based set-top box, consumers will be able to download TV apps and content–even if they’re not J:COM subscribers–to enjoy a wide variety of on-demand movies, TV shows and other high-definition entertainment at home on their HD TVs.

“Pixela is the first customer to use our downloadable DRM Agent software for a set-top box application, and INSIDE is the only company to offer both downloadable software and hardware-embedded DRM agents, allowing maximum flexibility and security for content and service providers and device manufacturers,” said Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, INSIDE executive vice president of embedded security solutions. “J:COM already uses downloadable DRM Fusion Agent software to enable its 2.5 million subscribers to enjoy video-on-demand services on their Android and iOS devices. With this embedded version, J:COM will be able to provide the same exceptional user experience on home TVs to a much wider market.”

According to Blake-Wilson, the majority of next-generation STBs and connected home/Smart TVs being developed are based on the Android platform. But Android does not natively provide the kind of content protection required for the commercial delivery of high-value content such as on-demand movies, HD television shows and other premium entertainment. Set-top box makers, cable providers and others seeking to take advantage of Android for its familiar user interface and abundance of entertainment apps still must add adequate content protection to meet the security demands of Hollywood studios and other content providers.

DRM Fusion Agent Software

INSIDE Secure DRM Fusion Agent software enables device and media chipset manufacturers to deliver the protection that content and service providers require to securely deliver content the way users want it, online or offline, including services like over-the-top (OTT), video on demand (VoD) and Live TV with Catch-Up. INSIDE DRM Fusion Agent software, embedded or downloadable, offers the critical Microsoft PlayReady, Windows Media DRM, OMA DRM 2.X, and/or UltraViolet security developers need to enable premium content to be played on virtually any mobile phone, tablet, set-top box, connected TV or home media system. Approved for use by Apple, Microsoft, RIM and all the major Hollywood studios, the DRM Fusion Agent software provides content protection and packaging, licensing and key management for multiple mobile device platforms and operating systems.