Australia's ABC to deploy BuyDRM MultiKey in conjunction with AWS Elemental

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018
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Australian Broadcasting Corporation Utilizes BuyDRM’s KeyOS MultiKey Service With AWS Media Services

  • KeyOS API Integration with AWS Media Services Streamlines Live Video Workflows

AUSTIN, TEXAS AND ULTIMO, AUSTRALIA — Today BuyDRM announced that ABC AU (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is planning to deploy BuyDRM’s KeyOS™ MultiKey™ Service in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elemental to package and encrypt live video content for users on a variety of playback platforms in Australia. ABC is using the KeyOS MultiKey Service to support multi-DRM playback in its iview on-demand and catch-up TV service. ABC’s iview records an average of 50 million plays per month.

API integration between BuyDRM and AWS Elemental MediaConvert enables content operators to deploy streamlined video workflows for live TV and VOD content. Using this API integration, AWS Elemental MediaPackage acquires content encryption keys from the KeyOS platform and uses them to encrypt the ABC live TV content. Upon playback, users acquire the license key directly from the KeyOS MultiKey Service platform to their playback device.

“Using KeyOS with AWS Elemental will allow the ABC to accelerate its deployment of live streaming services,” said Andrew Carey, Head of Digital Network, ABC Technology. “With a deployment of this size, leveraging the expertise of experienced third parties allows the ABC to deliver quickly and cost efficiently.”

The KeyOS MultiKey Service supports the industry-leading DRMs, such as Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay, for the most popular consumer formats including DASH, HLS, and MSS. This combination of DRMs and file formats powers the widest variety of premium content for consumers.

“As a pioneer in deploying commercial DRM solutions, BuyDRM has dedicated significant resources to our API integration with AWS Elemental,” BuyDRM CEO & Founder Christopher Levy stated. “ABC AU is now able to take advantage of this API integration and take flight with its market-leading iview platform for live TV.”

“BuyDRM’s KeyOS Multi-DRM platform has achieved API integration with AWS Media Services,” said Keith Wymbs, Chief Marketing Officer for AWS Elemental, an Amazon Web Services company. “ABC AU is now able to take advantage of a streamlined video workflow in the cloud working with BuyDRM and AWS.”