Alticast commercializes CJ Hello business platform

Thursday, March 29th, 2018
Alticast logo

SEOUL, South Korea — Alticast today announced that it has developed a big data-based business platform for CJ Hello, South Korea’s largest cable TV company. This platform will serve as the foundation for CJ Hello’s intelligent cable TV service called “Alaska” and will introduce an advanced UI/UX that manages the overall media service operation.

The business platform will systematically collect and analyze various data generated during the service operation which CJ Hello will utilize for promotion and marketing. It will also provide functions such as content management, organization / settlement management, and promotion which will facilitate an improved system management and operation process for CJ Hello.

As a result, CJ Hello will be able to provide customized services tailored to their subscribers’ tastes, and deliver a personalized UI/UX, enhancing service competitiveness while helping to identify new revenue models through targeted advertising. This scalable platform will serve as a foundation to showcase various data-based innovative businesses. CJ Hello will be able to expand the platform in conjunction with the AI platform and cloud environment.

“It is important to apply the new technology to practical services, such as Big Data,” said Kim Hong-ik, managing director of CJ Hello. “Building upon this constantly evolving business platform, CJ Hello is now able to offer advanced and intelligent services to our subscribers.”

This project is indicative of the future Alticast has its sights set on. The company has been spurring strategic investments and new technology development to respond to rapidly changing broadcasting technology paradigms such as Big Data and AI. Currently, Alticast is working on a pilot project for a data-analysis platform and a voice-recognition solution based on artificial intelligence with several operators, and recently filed a patent for a digital contents transaction verification system based on blockchain technology.

“Our goal is to commercialize the data platform and voice recognition-based products this year,” said Wongeun Jeon, Media Experience (MX) division head of Alticast. “We are focusing on developing cloud-based data and artificial intelligence products for the Industry 4.0 era.”