ACRCloud and VidVita partner to offer TV ACR in North America

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
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ACRCloud expands TV ACR service with VidVita into North America market

BEIJING, China — ACRCloud, an advanced automatic content recognition (ACR) service provider, today announced that ACRCloud and VidVita, a U.S. media and entertainment technology company, have joined forces to deliver live channel detection / live playback detection ACR service to North America market.

With VidVita’s extensive TV data coverage, the service delivered by ACRCloud is able to detect live channels/playbacks and VOD content in North America market. It is much easier for ACRCloud customers now to trigger second-screen activities, conduct audience measurement and monitor airplay for adverts/music since they don’t have to capture the live feeds on their own anymore.

“The ACRCloud team has been excellent to work with and their ability to customize their environment to the needs of our clients has been a game changer in media monitoring. Their pricing and easy to use tools are a great match for companies that want to focus on their products and platform. We are excited to see where this partnership leads and welcome companies to test our joint solution for their monitoring and attribution needs,” said Amy Bolivar, The Co-Founder and CEO of VidVita.

“We have been looking for a lean and professional partner in the US for a long time for our customers. VidVita offers very reliable TV, radio and on-demand data including major cable, satellite and OTT providers in a flexible way. By partnering with VidVita, we can offer a full packed ACR service at a reasonable cost to our customer in audience measurement, second screen sync and broadcast monitoring field,” said Peng Dong, the co-founder & BD from ACRCloud.

The joint solution is able to detect live TV/radio channels in a few seconds and support recognition of live playback data up to 35 days. With the video on demand database, detecting content from video streaming services is also possible. A Hybrid recognition service contains detection of live, playback and OTT contents are able to help TV intelligence companies to measure the TV viewership in full scale.

For instance, TV intelligence companies can easily integrate the various SDKs from ACRCloud into panellists’ smartphones, set-top box or TV to conduct real-time audience measurement for content from networks, DVRs, streaming service or local downloads in North America.