ContentArmor supports Dolby Vision for Premium VOD services

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
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RENNES, France — ContentArmor announces today that its video watermarking solution is compatible with Dolby Vision™ HDR.

Leveraging the HDR innovation that powers the most advanced cinemas around the world, Dolby Vision transforms entertainment experiences by delivering greater brightness, contrast, detail retention, as well as a fuller palette of rich colors. ContentArmor and Dolby have collaborated to enable interoperability between both technologies, from content distribution workflows to end users’ visual experience.

Forensic watermarking applications improve the ability of content owners and distributors to detect and mitigate the misuse of their assets. This is critical when releasing premium content, such as 4K HDR titles in an early window VOD service, to protect revenue. The use of forensic watermarking has been mandated by MovieLabs in its Specifications for Enhanced Protection.

“Bringing the best video quality to their customers while complying with Hollywood’s highest security requirements is absolutely key for content producers and distributors,” said Eric Bénetière, VP Marketing and Sales of ContentArmor. “We are very happy that our watermarking solution now supports Dolby Vision as it will enable our customers to deliver the best Premium VOD services to their customers around the world.”

From content creation to distribution and playback, Dolby Vision is an end-to-end solution delivering a consistent experience across a range of content and devices. Dolby Vision is supported by leading Hollywood directors, major studios and distributors, and OEMs worldwide.