Content Armor, Streamroot, VideoLab and IDVIU create the Union of Video Specialists

Friday, March 29th, 2019
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Content Armor, Streamroot, VideoLab and IDVIU join to create the Union of Video Specialists consortium

NEW YORK — Streamroot, Content Armor, VideoLab and IDVIU announced today that they are teaming up to launch the Union of Video Specialists (UVIS.IO), a consortium of technologies and solutions for broadcasters, operators, studios and hospitality groups to manage and deploy consumer video infrastructure.

With established customers and deployments, the four companies bring their technologies and expertise together under the UVIS.IO umbrella with robust, flexible integrations that allow customers to seamlessly deploy complex systems.

UVIS.IO is a new generation of digital television solutions with all the necessary components for successfully deploying managed or over-the-top consumer media services.

Harnessing the most robust and innovative video delivery technologies on the market is critical for ensuring a TV-grade user experience as usage grows and audiences become more dispersed. Streamroot has become a leader in this field with its peer-accelerated delivery, multi-CDN load-balancing and video CDN solutions.

Protecting against piracy is the only way to distribute high-value premium content. Invisible forensic watermarking is key to prevent illegal redistribution. ContentArmor has built one of the most compelling systems allowing faster turnaround times for new content even in the highest resolutions.

VideoLab is the team behind VLC, with countless deployments on all kinds of devices. With a deep understanding of video codecs used for consumers, mezzanine and master files, the VideoLab team brings the most advanced expertise crucial for high-scale deployments.

Having leading telecom operators, broadcasters and Hollywood studios as customers, IDVIU has been developing components and systems with a strong focus on security, integrating into complex solutions for years.

“At last, Sports and Entertainment copyrights owners and service providers have realized that they have common interest in fighting illegal content redistribution,” said Alain Durand CEO of ContentArmor. “We are delighted to take part to UVIS.IO creation as it will help our customers to easily deploy and operate anti-piracy solutions in any kind of environment.”

“VLC is a key player of the video ecosystem, but it’s rarely included in any commercial offerings. After some collaborations, where the solutions complement each other, it made sense to partner and join forces into UVIS.IO. When most of the video consumption is moving to online services, such collaboration is the right timing,” said Jean-Baptiste Kempf President of Videolan.

“This consortium brings together a powerful set of tools throughout the video workflow that will allow broadcasters to simplify implementation and harness best-of-breed technologies,” says Pierre-Louis Theron, CEO and Co-Founder of Streamroot. “We are thrilled to bring our peer-to-peer delivery and multi-CDN solutions into the mix.”

“Securing content and delivery, as well as protecting user privacy, ownership and copyrights are necessary to keep high quality entertainment available. This is the right time for UVIS.IO to bring its expertise and solutions to studios, operators and broadcasters to achieve the reach and quality their users deserve,” said Rabah Guendouz, Chairman and Cofounder of IDVIU.