Akta powers AVOD, SVOD, Live Streaming and FAST for ViX

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023 
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Akta announces it is powering the AVOD, SVOD, Live Streaming and Fast Channels for ViX, the Spanish Language Streaming Service from TelevisaUnivision

MIAMI — TelevisaUnivision, the world’s leading Spanish language media company, announced that it is utilizing Akta’s video platform for ViX, the world’s largest Spanish-language streaming service. Akta’s Cloud Video Platform is powering AVOD, SVOD, Live and Fast Channels for VIX, which is poised to redefine how Spanish-speaking audiences engage with digital content.

ViX offers more than 75,000 hours of on-demand content and over 100 streaming channels, all in Spanish. The app is available with two access tiers, one free with ads and one premium plan with a subscription, in the U.S., Mexico, and most of Spanish-speaking Latin America, across all major mobile platforms, connected TV devices, and via web on vix.com. Akta’s turnkey cloud video platform delivers content to all the device platforms, manages the video workflow, from content ingestion and channel scheduling to playback and monetization via dynamic ad insertion.

“Akta is not only a full-suite solution for video workflow, live streaming, FAST channel scheduling and dynamic ad insertion, but also has the ability to dynamically and seamlessly scale,” said Michael Cerda, Chief Product Officer of VIX. “ViX is growing fast and Akta has been paramount to our work to date and the Platform’s cloud native ability to automatically scale the video infrastructure with DRM and Dynamic Ad Insertion was a key criteria for selecting their services.”

“ViX goes beyond streaming. It is the most innovative source for Spanish-language culture and entertainment. Akta is proud to be the technology partner to bring technical innovation and cloud video tools for workflow scheduling, streaming and dynamic ad insertion,” said Alper Turgut, Chairman of Akta.

ViX’s success marks a significant step forward in the world of Spanish-language entertainment, providing an engaging and immersive viewing experience for audiences worldwide. With its rich content library, innovative streaming features, and a user-friendly interface, ViX captivates Spanish-speaking viewers across platforms.

Links: Akta; ViX; TelevisaUnivision