Comcast Technology Solutions launches ad hosting solution

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018
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Comcast Technology Solutions Introduces New Cloud-Based Advertising Platform, Innovating Ad Management and Insertion for Multiplatform Video Distribution

  • Comcast Technology Solutions AdStor opens up new monetization options with near real-time ad insertion across platforms through a centralized ad preparation, management and storage solution

DENVER, CO and LAS VEGAS, NV — Comcast Technology Solutions, a division of Comcast Cable that serves advertisers, agencies, content providers and global operators with a portfolio of technology solutions for distribution, management and monetization of video content, today announced the launch of AdStor™, a new cloud-based advertising platform. Built on a centralized cloud management architecture, AdStor streamlines the relationship between ad buyers and sellers by hosting advertising content in an aggregated library, ready for use across any platform including video on demand (VOD) and digital destinations. With near real-time insertion capabilities, AdStor allows ad buyers and sellers to take full advantage of advertising opportunities while reducing timely manual efforts.

Recent trends in viewership have introduced significant complexities to the advertising ecosystem, requiring content providers to adapt their workflows to different technologies including set-top boxes, VOD and over-the-top (OTT) services. Currently, manual processes can take 24 to 72 hours before a linear advertisement can be effectively transcoded and delivered across all channels. AdStor’s new cloud-based workflow reduces these processes to just minutes for quicker display through multichannel video programming distributors.

AdStor’s simplified workflow and cloud-based inventory allows ad operations teams to store and locate assets through an online user interface, providing the agility necessary to take advantage of last-minute revenue opportunities. As content delivery methods transition to accommodate consumer choice by making video programming available on the consumer’s schedule, AdStor’s innovative delivery system enables the use of advertising assets with a shorter shelf life in VOD and OTT playback. While time-sensitive or local advertisements were previously incompatible with VOD services, the rapid adjustments enabled by cloud management ensure viability.

“AdStor brings much-needed innovation to multi-platform advertising,” said Josh Arensberg, Vice President and General Manager at Comcast Technology Solutions. “Our cloud-based platform significantly simplifies the management and insertion of ad assets and the monetization of content in this new multiscreen consumer and programmer reality. We are excited about the potential benefit that AdStor offers to all parties in the advertising delivery ecosystem, allowing providers and distributors alike to reap the rewards of more efficient monetization and a more agile workflow.”